Putting Dallas’ World Cup Bid in Perspective

The press release from the mayor’s office announcing Dallas as a finalist city for the U.S. 2018/2022 World Cup bid couldn’t have come at a worse time: this kind of self-promotion isn’t going to cut it, to say the least. Today, I’d say we don’t even get selected to be a U.S. host city, putting aside the long-shot that the U.S. actually lands the World Cup.  Next time there is any conversation about Dallas and the World Cup, I want news to come from these guys. Let’s just say when it comes to city promotion, Leppert and company are officially in the doghouse. We needs some ‘splaining. (BTW: There’s no way U.S. gets 2018 — that’s going to Spain. Maybe 2022, but we’ll have to fight for it with Mexico if it doesn’t stay in Europe, which is likely, since the next two Cups will not be in Europe. The 2014 cup, if you weren’t keeping score, will be in Brazil).