New John Wiley Price Decals for Your Car

Over the break, an alert (though apparently reckless) FrontBurnervian sent me this pic of a car he saw on the road. He confirmed that it was someone other than John Wiley Price behind the wheel. Which makes me wonder if I can get my Prius wrapped with a smiling Ken Mayfield. Then, if I ever crossed paths with that SUV, we could do battle.



  • TheKid

    The picture taking FBvian has some pretty wicked door locks…

  • Drew

    Striking resemblance to a grown-up Urkel?

  • Rob

    That’s John Wiley’s car – or at least it is parked at his house most mornings when I jog around Lake Cliff.

  • I wonder if he has the ‘constable’s special’ registration for his whip?

  • Philip Erwin

    Thank God they weren’t texting!

  • BenD

    I usually see his wife driving it. I’m sure that’s fun for her every single day.

  • Brandon

    MAKE ME put Dallas County Commissioner decals on my car!

  • Miles

    That is his advertisement van; and no that is not his wife…duh