Neiman’s Names New Men’s Fashion Director

With a name like Nickelson Wooster, how can you not be men’s fashion director for Neiman Marcus?

Wait, he’s got more tattoos than I expected.

You’ll remember that Tommy Fazio, the previous men’s fashion director, left the company last fall — reportedly because he wasn’t too happy about having responsibility for both the Neiman’s and Bergdorf stores.

UPDATE: I’m told Wooster’s Facebook page (linked above) has disappeared. You can still find his photo on Twitter.


  • I can still get his Facebook page. The guy looks like a really handsome MMA fighter.

  • becca

    nothing says “neimans” like nipple rings.

  • Maybe I’m looking for something that’s not there, but to me he looks like a gray bearded version of “Heroes” character Nathan Petrelli.

  • The people over at Ed Hardy’s HQ just opened up twelve bottles of Ed Hardy wine.

  • shopper

    Neimans branding seems confused.

  • Pappi

    His May 8 Tweet: “Thank god I moved back to New York.”