How Long Before the Other Shoe Drops on Clark Hunt?

This matter is complicated. If you haven’t been following along at home, then you’ve got a lot of catching up to do. First read about Barrett Wissman, Clark Hunt’s business partner who got very sideways with the feds. The matter involves essentially bribing people to get state pension funds to invest with a hedge fund controlled by Wissman and Hunt — except Hunt says he didn’t know what was going down. His hands are clean.

Okay, fast forward. In August, a businesswoman named Hilary Kramer filed suit in New York County claiming that Wissman and Hunt destroyed her Greentech, “the only woman-owned alternative energy hedge fund in America.” Do the two cases seem unrelated? Well, not so much. Because Kramer and her lawyer, on Christmas eve eve, filed a motion for default judgment. You can read it for yourself. But here are two interesting parts, if you’re looking for a quick fix. Apparently Hunt has been dodging process servers with some help:

Upon information and belief, the sources of which are publicly available information about defendant Hunt and the Hunt family, the NFL lineman-sized man who answered the door at Hunt’s residence lied to the process server when he stated that he was Clark Hunt. In fact, the real Clark Hunt is of diminutive stature.

And about that whole deal with Wissman, who has admitted to felony securities fraud? In her filing, Kramer says this:

I have personal knowledge that defendant Clark Hunt was actively involved with his life-long friend, defendant Barrett Wissman, in conducting the business of HFV [the hedge fund], and that Clark Hunt directly participated in the pay to play corruption scandal and had direct dealings with the so-called “intermediaries” who paid the bribes to public officials in charge of public employee pension plans. For example, I personally observed Clark Hunt meeting in Dallas with Alfred Villalobos and heard them discuss how Clark Hunt was providing Villalobos with private jet flights, private helicopter flights, and other expenses in connection with HFV’s effort to obtain business from CALPERS and other public employee pension plans.

Now then. This is only one side of the story. It’s just another dot. But all these dots seem to draw a line that leads to Hunt. I wonder if the feds have spoken with Kramer yet. I wonder if Wissman is happy playing the role of the fall guy. I wonder which former Chiefs player answers Clark Hunt’s door.


  • Bill

    2009 was tough for guys who carry the last name of their father like Staubach, Hunt and Perot. Seems to be an entire cottage industry of scamsters preying on the first born sons. Or maybe it’s a tangled web of Jesuit/St. Marks bad bois?

    As someone who grew up in the whole ESD-St Marks-Cistercian-Jesuit-Bishop Lynch social circle, it has been quite alarming to see such a large number of alumni making the news recently for financial fraud. It’s over a dozen from Jesuit and St Marks alone.

  • mike

    As a graduate of Jesuit High ( not Jesuit College Prep – class of 1961), my JHS radar is fairly acute and I am at a loss regarding these “dozens” of financial crooks “Bill” refers to.


  • Bill


    The alumni I know of graduated much later than you late 70s-90s. Skewed more towards St Marks than Jesuit I get about 13-14 that I know of between the two schools. Many I know personally. Most lost professional licenses of some kind and that is the only way most of us found out. This is a recent issue. I’m not talking about alumni involved in Enron, Arthur Anderson’s Houston Office or Worldcom. Old news.

  • Incognizant

    @ mike

    You hit the nail on the head, man. Bill’s accusation as to widespread involvement — either as a perp or victim — of Jesuit/St. Mark’s alumni in events of financial fraud is completely contrived.

    @ Bill

    Man up, Bill.

  • Grumpy

    Bill…go ahead and let it rip. I am not picking on St Marks, but that seems to be the mother- ship. On another note, I thank Tim for staying on this story. It amazes me that DMN/Belo have not really picked up on this. The son of well regarded local legend Lamar Hunt, deeply intertwined with a crook who fancies himself as (pick your favorite Euro-trash Bond villain). The payoff relative to what Hunt already has by birthright would never be great, so it begs the question of why do it. Hunt’s portrayal of himself as a good Christian seem to be at odds with his cowardly attempts to dodge service. I’m sure there is more to come.

  • DWB

    I have know Clark & Barrett for many years now. I will say that none of this surprises me. When you grow up priviledged, you fancy yourself immune to the law. Their defense has been that 1) Clark is a “good Christian” and 2) Barrett is an “empresario and patron of the arts.” Problem is that they just can’t hide from the truth forever. It’s that simple. History is littered with similar stories. It will be interesting to see just how far the octopus tentacles reached in this case.