Catholic Diocese: Hutchison’s Abortion Stance “Very Curious”

Last Friday was the 37th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court decision stemming from a federal case in Dallas. The decision’s also been in the news lately as part of the GOP gubernatorial primary. Namely, U.S. Kay Bailey Hutchison has been on the hot seat with conservatives for saying she doesn’t favor overturning Roe, because doing so would throw responsibility for abortion law back to the individual states, turning some of them into “abortion havens,” making the problem worse. But, is that a realistic scenario? We asked Bishop Kevin Farrell of the Catholic Diocese of Dallas, who referred us to Karen Garnett, executive director of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee of North Texas for the Diocese of Dallas. She had a different take.

Garnett, who stressed that the committee doesn’t endorse or oppose any candidate, says she finds Hutchison’s position “very curious because, under Roe v. Wade, every state is already an ‘abortion haven.’ There are 1.2 million abortions every year–including 80,000 a year in Texas–and there have been a total of 50 million since the 1973 decision.”

The committee wants to see Roe overturned–and it wants every office-seeker to take that position–despite the “patchwork” of state laws that might result. “Some states would want to outlaw abortion, and others would make their laws more restrictive,” Garnett says. “So we think the total number of abortions would go down.”

While “official” reports are incomplete, it’s believed that Texas is the No. 4-ranking state in the number of abortions performed annually, behind California, New York, and Florida.


  • GMOM

    That’s OK we’re #1 in executions!!

  • Dubious Brother

    KBH has only been in the US Senate for 16 1/2 years so she is still a little confused as to the role that the Federal Government should have in our lives. She has tap danced around this issue in each election. She is pro abortion.
    One good thing about KBH though is she is for term limits (2) for Texas governors but then she was for term limits (2) for US Senators until she was up for her third term and it acually applied to her.

  • brett

    pro life = pro execution….how does that make any sense?

  • Julie

    No, Karen, the # of abortions won’t go down if Roe v Wade is overturned. It’ll just move them out of safe clinics into unsafe bedrooms, alleys, and garages.

  • Andrew

    Julie, I have to laugh at your comment that abortion will moved out of “safe” clinics if it is made illegal.

    You might have missed yesterdays story from the New York Daily News about 37 year old Alexandra Nunez who died from a “safe” abortion.

    Abortion is not safe and never has been safe. That in itself is a reason to make it illegal.

  • OakCliff

    Says Andrew, “Abortion is not safe and never has been safe. That in itself is a reason to make it illegal.” Andrew, don’t forget to outlaw some other “not safe and never has been safe” things: ditch digging, truck driving, home building, farming, hunting, etc., while you are at it. Nanny state indeed.

  • Andrew

    Oak Cliff, I appreciate your attempt to equate having an abortion with driving a truck.

    The abortion industry and their minions have been touting “safe, legal abortion” for a generation now, while it is obviously not true.

    The same rhetoric is not applied to truck driving or ditch digging, because everyone knows their is a risk. Why don’t pro-aborts acknowledge the risks of abortion?

    Also, nice try at ignoring the useless death of Ms. Nunez. Maybe next time..

  • Brian

    I seriously doubt my mother would have had any reason to choose an abortion. That being said, I still feel so blessed that abortion was illegal the year I was born.

    “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I dedicated you…”
    -Jeremiah 1:5

  • sarah

    So I know I’m late to this party, but a trend I’ve noticed lately (perhaps I’m paranoid?) is that it’s typically men who have the most to say about abortions, oftentimes on both sides of the issue. I wonder how many men would be unflinching pro-lifers if they could get pregnant? Just a thought…

  • NoWireHangersEver

    Abortion breaks no laws and solves lots of problems. The right to an abortion keeps the government from controlling what women do with their own bodies. The Catholics stridently object, as always, yet turn a blind eye when priests sexually abuse children. Roe v. Wade will never fall.

  • Andrew

    Sarah, I’m curious to know if you would be opposed to men having a say in what happens to their children? If so, why?

    In case you missed it, the person interviewed for the article was a woman who heads up one of the largest pro-life groups in the nation. Most pro-life groups and organizations are headed up by women and the pro-life movement in general is overwhelmingly composed of women, young women at that.

    And NoWireHangersEver, I am not seeing how your adding anything to this. The myth of coat hanger abortions is good for propaganda purposes but lacks any basis in reality. Attacks on the Catholic Church and priests are a great distraction from talking about what abortion does to the child in the womb and to their mothers. Nice try. But remember poor Alexandra Nunez who was killed by a “safe” legal abortion last week.