The Market Organizers are Organizing

Monday’s briefing on community gardens / markets to the Dallas City Council’s Transportation and Environment Committee has spooked neighborhood market organizers, who fear the city’s regulations may stifle existing and potential outdoor markets and gardens, specifically in Oak Cliff. (If you need to get up-to-date, check out Schutze’s humorous account of the humorous proceedings, which included good-willed concerns about pigeon feces on your fruits and veggies.) At issue: the three mile buffer the city suggested creating around the Farmers’ Market, which would extend into parts of Oak Cliff. That had organizer / activist / bicyclist Jason Roberts rallying the troops earlier this week, and district 1 council member Delia Jasso has told Roberts’ merry band that she will get their concerns to the negotiating table as the council discusses establishing a “pilot program” for open air markets, one in her district and one in the north.
Via Roberts:

“One thing to note is that the successful Urban Bazaar held twice yearly in Bishop Arts, began life at the Downtown Farmers’ Market, but it moved due to the heavy regulations required by the city at the location. It’s an example of how a larger regulatory body could hurt our local efforts.”


  • JB

    The Farmers Market has had, oh, some 40 years to get its act together and become something just awsome. Its only risen to the level of whimsical, but at least it hasn’t gotten itself torn down. Its only natural that citizens would seek a better, easier, and cheaper way to peddle their wares. A vendors’ license/fee and an expectation of surprise inspection is all that should be required. Any liability should then fall on the vendor themselves.