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Jacquielynn Floyd Needs a B12 Shot


Poor Metro columnist J-Floyd. A couple hours ago, on the DMN‘s Metro Columnists blog, she linked to a report that aired on Channel 8 last night. It’s about a guy who was mistakenly declared dead. J-Floyd calls it a “don’t that beat all” story and makes a joke about how this thing could have possibly happened. Problem is, the story shouldn’t be new to J-Floyd. It ran in the Metro section on Sunday.

I’m no expert. But I’m thinking a B12 shot once a month might keep J-Floyd more alert, so she wouldn’t miss such stuff. Too, I suppose she could have been on vacation and not read the paper that day. I know how that goes. You collect it from the front yard. It lies on your kitchen table all day. You keep intending to read it. But then you’ve got to run to the store. A football game starts. On your seventh beer, you realize your vision has become blurred, making it difficult to read the tiny newsprint.

(Note: I apologize to J-Floyd and her legion of fans for this snarky post. Really. I had my first B12 shot today, and I’m not feeling myself. Or, rather, I am feeling myself, and that’s what’s making me feel weird. Is that person staring at me? Why is he staring at me? I need more Funyons.)