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I’m Part of iPhone Class-Action Suit, Apparently

By Jason Heid |

A class-action lawsuit was filed against Apple and AT&T last week in the Plano office of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. And I’m part of the class.

The suit represents all Texas residents who bought an iPhone 3G or iPhone 3-GS after July 1, 2008. Apparently some are upset because they thought the newer models of the iPhone were capable of sending text messages with pictures and videos included.

I didn’t have a cell phone before I bought my iPhone in the fall of 2008, and I’m pleased to say that my communication needs have remained fairly simple. It never occurred to me that I might want to text a photo to someone.

But the plaintiffs are asking for $5 million in damages for their mental anguish. If they happen to win or settle, and I happen to receive a check for $1.73 about 10 years from now, so be it.