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Eastfield College: Crosses ‘Demean’ Ceramics Class

By Jason Heid |

The Liberty Legal Institute, the organization you may know from its work on the famed Plano ISD candy cane lawsuit, is at it again. This time they’ve sent a letter threatening legal action against Eastfield College in Mesquite, because the school forbade a retired auto worker who was taking a non-credit course in ceramics from making crosses. Liberty Legal claims the policy is a violation of his right to religious expression.

The school’s policy was that “making religious icons and other stock pieces ‘demeans the goals of’ the program, which seeks to encourage original, creative work by students.”

I understand why the DMN didn’t use the following press release quote from Hiram Sasser (really), the director of litigation for the Liberty Legal Institute. But I have to quote it here, because he really ups the ante:

“It appears the Eastfield College art department has no room in the inn for artistic religious expression such as that of Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci; hopefully they will change their mind.”