Rick Perry To Be Installed as Governor-For-Life

Kay Bailey Hutchison’s campaign is falling apart. Her heart is clearly not in it. Yesterday’s Houston “event“  with Dick Cheney was only the latest in a desultory series. Two-hour delay? Five-minute speech? A crowd of 150?

A FrontBurnerian emails:

Ugh.  She shaved her legs for that? Call me old fashioned, but I’d envisioned a ballroom fundraiser with hundreds of fat cat contributors, anxious to hobnob with the former veep and delivering bundles of checks, regardless of whether she  attended or not.

 Say what you will about Rick Perry (and I tend to say a lot, most of it unflattering), the man is in tune with the temper of the times. Tea parties, secession, Obama is a socialist — it all fits with the mood of his party, especially with the energized base of his party. Hutchison’s only choice was to appeal to the broader public and bring them back into the GOP primary. Instead, she’s tried to endrun Perry on the right (see Monday’s attack on the gas tax). She brings no credibility to that effort — and no passion either. It’s purely a ploy. And against the master of ploys himself, not a very good one.
Hutchison started this little venture as the state’s most popular political figure. After waffling on keeping her Senate seat, and with this disaster of a campaign unfolding around her, I wonder how she’ll end up.


  • Barrett

    I think it’s pretty clear this is why she’s keeping her Senate seat for the indefinite future. Why take an ever-increasing risk of being not-Governor-For-Life when she can remain Senator-For-Life? If she loses as Governor, only her campaign contributors lose. If she resigns the Senate and loses as Governor, she loses as well. Someone known to the point of caricature of replying to constituents with nothing more risky than staff written canned material will not risk the blind date plunge of going all in for Governor. If the DMN and others can take out Rick Perry for her, fine. If not, fine.

  • yvonne crum

    I see nothing wrong with her keeping her Senate seat.. I only wish she’d said and done that in the beginning… Let’s all remember LBJ… hedged his bet by keeping his Senate seat when he was running for President…going on to “whoop” my Barry Goldwater. black armband since….

  • Fred

    I hope you’re wrong, Wick. Why does the GOP feel the need to chase off all of the moderates and intellectuals in the party?

  • Hi, I’m Not Rick Stacy


    A campaign cannot fall apart if it never came together in the first place. Her announcement that she was running, for example, is was how I’d envision an Episcopalian wake.

    I, too, wonder how she’ll end up. Is her campaign reflective of how she runs our business in the Senate? She’s not going to get my, “oh, she’s a moderate, it’s OK,” vote next time. I’ll be watching-thinking-judging.

  • JS

    I was ready to support KBH but her act has already grown tiresome. Plus she has completely screwed over a lot of good people in the party that already have spent a lot of time building support for campaigns that now will not be run. At this point, I wish she would resign so we can get her out of office.

  • John

    Calling KBH intellectual is hilarious. Perry outsmarts her every four years.

  • Rawlins

    I’m more disappointed in KBH than a guy who ordered a we-come-to-your-house ‘massage’ on Craig’s list… and got a massage. By someone with Swine Flu.

  • Big Tex

    Every time Governor Perry speaks, I now think of Willie Stark from All the King’s Men. Earnest beginnings swept up and corrupted by the power of office. I weep for Texas if the Paint Creek Cowboy is the best that our grand state can produce for the top office on the Pedernales. Bob Bullock, where art thou? Oh, sorry. You’re dead.

  • Wes Mantooth

    This is all kind of similar to the GWB presidency. Going into the 2004 elections, Democrats were licking their lips thinking how easy it’s going to be to beat this maroon — and then went out and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by nominating a candidate with even less charisma and fewer skins on the wall. Perry seemed (seems?) like he’s dead in the water, an easy mark, that the bar is so low that you could trip over it and still clear it. But KBH appears that she’s not even going to make it to the bar. How sad.

    Maybe Kinky Friedman will at least make things interesting.

  • Jackson

    Big Tex: Sorry to burst your big ‘ol bubble, but the state’s top office ain’t on the Pedernales. It’s on the banks of the Colorado.

    You city slicker, you.

  • Bob

    Kay’s big problem is not how to win the governorship–it’s how to win the Republican nomination. When you have a party that has just installed Ms. Neanderthal as state party chair, when you have a party that celebrates Miss Wasilla as its intellectual and moral leader, you have a party that don’t want anything to do with Kay Bailey Hutchison, much less any other “moderate.” And not even Darth Cheney can change that.

  • Curtis Remington

    I think the lack of passion and fumbled campaign explains why she’s running. She wants out of Washington, but doesn’t want to be out of power. She is not laying out a clear vision for what she would do as Governor, other than not be Rick Perry. It’s kind of a ‘I guess I’ll run for Governor’ campaign instead of ‘I reallllly want to be Governor because I want to do x,y and z for the state.’

    Very sad really.

  • Doug

    Seems odd that it’s always Republicans being accused of pushing out moderates. Here we have Obama and his Democrats attempting a government takeover of 15% of the national economy, but i don’t hear anyone saying they’re not moderate, except for those awful “teabaggers” of course.

    Contrast that with Bush 43 attempting to give people a choice on what to do with their own retirement money that they worked their whole lives for, or giving parents the choice of which school to send their kids to, that was labeled as horrible extremism not unlike the taliban. And what about that John McCain person? The media and the left (but i repeat myself) agreed that he was the ultimate Mr. Moderate Bipartisan for eight years, until Republicans nominated him as their Presidential candidate. Then he became just another rabid right winger to those same people.

    So you’ll have to excuse me if the cries for Republican moderation ring a little hollow.

  • Fred

    McCain didn’t lose the election because he was perceived as too conservative.

    McCain lost because: (a) the economy went south; (b) conservatives thought he was not conservative enough; (c) the economy went south; (d) moderates scared to death at the thought of Sarah Palin being one heartbeat away from the presidency; and (e) the economy went south.

  • Brown Bess

    Other way around if you look at McCain’s own statements. He was a moderate…until he ran for the Republican Nomination.

    When the Prez starts calling Mitch McConnell a fascist. then you can complain. Until then, the scales are pretty lopsided.

    As the unhinged left was to the late 60’s, so is the unhinged right to the late oughts. It will suffer the same fate.

  • Carl

    As the unhinged left was to the late 60’s, so is the unhinged right to the late oughts. It will suffer the same fate.

    So true, Brown. So true. The Baby Boomers should be called the unhinged generation. Things will be more “civil” rather than “civil war” when they are gone.

  • It’s the Internet, stupid.

    McCain lost because he didn’t use the Internet like Obama did. Obama trailblazed himself a new path to victory. The intertubes.