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Mitch Rasansky to Run for Dallas County Judge?

By Tim Rogers |

Having heard the rumor, I called former city councilman Mitch Rasansky to ask him if he was, indeed, seriously considering running for Jim Foster’s county judge seat. I got him on the phone, but Rasansky had to call me back. On the other line, he was talking to an irate person who still thought he was a city councilman. Which is awesome. Then, when he called me back, I almost didn’t answer the phone because the caller ID said “Ferrari Dallas.” I asked him why, and he said he was surprised to hear that; they don’t even have caller ID at his office. Twenty-five or 30 years ago, Rasansky said, he used to buy and sell Ferraris. Maybe that’s why it still says that. Again, awesome. (I mean, Mitch Rasansky behind the wheel of a Ferrari?)

So, about that rumor. Rasansky says: “About 10 days ago, I had two calls in concert from people asking me to run. I hadn’t even been considering it. Since then, those two people have gotten other people to call me. … I am thinking about it. I have called some people for some advice. I did attend a commissioners court meeting. … I am weighing in my mind whether I can do good for the city of Dallas. I’m a workaholic; the time isn’t an issue. If I decide to do it, it’s only for my love of the city.”

I don’t know Rasansky well. It’s hard for me to say what to read between the lines. But the guy has worked for the city in one capacity or another for 23 years. Sort of seems like it’s in his blood. I do know this: Wade Emmert is the handpicked Republican gunning for Foster’s seat. I know which way Emmert hopes Rasansky will go.