Dirk Nowitzki Talks About Taking a Game Over

No, in the quote below, Dirk is not talking about last night, when he grabbed the game by the throat, turning a double-digit deficit into a double-digit win going away. Before InsideCorner took a dirt nap, I had been spending some time at Mavs practices and so on, trying to play the part of professional sports blogger. On one such occasion, Dirk and I were talking, specifically, about his 50-point performance against the Phoenix Suns in the 2006 Western Conference Finals and, generally, about what it’s like to go on rushes like that. So I think it’s applicable this morning.

I’ve had games where I’m stiff in shootaround, can’t make a shot in warm-ups, and all of a sudden, you get to the basket one time. You get fouled. You have an “and-1.” And all of a sudden, every basket you get, the basket seems to get bigger. I had other experiences where I felt like I could jump out of the gym in the mornings, and I miss my first six, seven shots. The game’s weird like that. I’ve had games where I wasn’t feeling well, and for some reason you can’t even get a rebound; somebody seems to tip it, and you end up with zero rebounds. You’re 7-feet – how the hell you not getting one rebound? And then that night, against Phoenix in the playoffs, it just seems like the ball is coming to you. I was getting offensive rebounds. I was getting good looks at shots. I was driving. I was getting to the foul line. It’s just funny how sports works. Sometimes it works in your favor and sometimes it doesn’t.


  • MP

    He forgot to mention that sometimes Mehmet Okur guards you for the fourth quarter, for reasons that are beyond human comprehension. The game is weird like that as well.

  • Yes, sir. Not a smart move by Jerry Sloan.