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Crime Advisory Issued for Uptown

By Tim Rogers |

From Uptown Dallas comes the following advisory:

Uptown Dallas, Inc. (UDI) is issuing a safety advisory to residents and visitors in response to a rash of car robberies in and around Uptown in the last two weeks. Some of the robberies have occurred in area business parking lots along McKinney Avenue at night, with the perpetrator robbing victims at gunpoint and forcing them to make ATM withdrawals. UDI and the Dallas Police Department are advising residents to use extraordinary care when traveling after dark and using caution when going to your cars. These basic safety tips should be observed at all times.

Meanwhile, a co-working, Uptown-dwelling FBvian tells me a strange story about something that happened to her car in the dead of night last night. Her car was booted yesterday in downtown (long story, but she’d actually paid the parking fee). As part of the booting, the parking lot company affixed to two of her car windows bright orange stickers detailing what steps she needed to take to liberate her car. Long story short: she drove the car home without taking the stickers off. But someone else took them off for her by the time she woke up. Weird, no?