Willard Spiegelman Finds a City in the Arts District

I ran into the good professor Spiegelman yesterday in the Arts District. He was just leaving a performance at the DSO and was aglow (as always). His observations on the day:

The gorgeous weather cooperated with various artistic enterprises at the giant civic open house yesterday at the AT&T Performing Arts Center. There must have been tens of thousands of people spilling in and out of all the Arts District’s venues. It was a carnival atmosphere. No — even better — it was a great manifestation of democracy in action. Walt Whitman would have felt at home. People lined up in front of the Wyly and waited patiently for an hour (or more?) for their chance to take a 10-minute tour. Kids frolicked in the little water element in front of the Winspear. At Booker T, students performed for friends and families. The DSO gave a brilliant and moving interpretation of Beethoven’s Ninth. I couldn’t even get into the Nasher.

For the first time in almost 40 years of living in Dallas, I finally had the sense that I was living in a CITY instead of a vast sprawling network of suburbs. I doubt that there have ever been so many people gathered together here for something that was neither a rock concert nor a sports event.

A good time, as I believe the old cliche has it, was had by all. Certainly by me. But it’s a good thing I didn’t have to find a bathroom anywhere, or some food. I heard of difficulties in those two departments.


  • Justin

    Concerning the bathroom issue: my better half and I found there wasn’t a line to use the bathrooms in the Winspear (score!) And as far as food goes, after leaving the Winspear we walked over to Dali Wine Bar for some semi-fancy hooch and a cheese plate, needless to say we were feeling pretty bougie.

  • sarah

    When is D just going to bite the bullet and make this guy an editor? He seems to be writing more than a good deal of other people at the magazine. And quite well, too.

  • @Sarah: Willard has a job. He’s a professor at SMU. Glad you appreciate his contributions to our efforts here, though. He’s one of my faves, too.