• matt

    As a staunch right-leaning libertarian, may I just say that this…is so $#!*ing [email protected]!&ed i can’t even believe it. Impeach Perry and his hair.


  • Not only replace them, but replace them with people that will cancel the meeting.

  • Bob

    Rick Perry has been governor for, say, a gazillion years (it just seems that long since George W. Bush was our governor) and in all that time can you name one honorable thing that he has done? Remember the Trans-Texas Corridor? Remember mid-decade redistricting? Remember slashing children’s health insurance coverage? Remember refusing assistance on unemployment insurance benefits? Remember firing univeristy regents? Remmber supporting secession? It hurts your head to remember all the damage and dishonor that he has causedour state. Just remember all that when his name appears on the ballot. He ain’t gonna get any better.

  • I know of several Democrats that will be voting in the Republican primary, just so they can keep him off the ballot.

  • But he is so pretty and so hetero and all!

  • Bob

    Jack, take a good look–the man is NOT aging well. (Compared to the other cheerleader in the race, I guess he is, though.)

  • becca

    and as cool as kay baily seems to be, would she really say ‘mofo’ in a live mic? i think not. perry’s got swagger!

  • Wylie H.

    This is one of the more despicable political acts I’ve read about it (at the state level). The more I read, the more it appears that an innocent guy was basically murdered by the State of Texas.

  • Long Memory

    Suspicious timing of his actions aside, what really had me spewing my coffee when I read about this whole episode was this: This case has been investigated in north Texas (Corsicana), so it just looks funny when Perry got rid of a Fort Worth prosecutor and replaced him with one from Georgetown; and he got rid of a forensic lab specialist from Burleson and replaced her with one from Harlingen. Can we make it harder for the committee to get together regularly? Who knows?

    And one more thing: Does anyone really believe the panel will resolve anything BEFORE the election? If they start all over and let someone new look at the evidence, then doesn’t that look just like deep-sixing the probe?

  • What is this with a Sheriff shooting his Ricky’s cousin?