SMU’s Pony Boys Need to Pony Up Just a Little Bit Less

An alert FBvian draws our attention to this photo of SMU’s Pony Boys, the guys who tend to the school’s live mascot and who periodically, I guess, run said mascot across the field. Disturbing.


  • GMOM

    Poor Peruna, those guys appear as though they are on fire……very disturbing!!!

  • JB

    1. Texas Tech Bell Ringer guy.
    2. Pony Boys.
    3. ……..?
    4. Aggies.
    5. ………

  • LakeWWWooder

    Back in our day the guys had to really be in shape in order to avoid sabers wielded by the Niedermeyer Aggie Corps. So why is that field at A & M so sacred? I say Peruna should have taken a dump.

    The Rice Marching Owl Band always worked the Aggies into apoplexy.

    I think we called Peruna’s handlers ‘runners’ back then, not ‘boys’.

  • Homer Jay

    You know me, Marge … I like my beer cold, my TV loud, and homosexuals flaming!


    There probably just excited that they actually got to run Peruna across the field -a rare occurrence.

  • The original Pony Boy.

  • SMU Alum

    They’re still called Peruna Handlers. Not sure where they got Pony Boys from. Still a funny picture, though.