Morphoses Dazzles at Winspear Opera House Opening

Morphoses' Christopher  Wheeldon Willard Spiegelman already mentioned the performances of opera superstars Thomas Hampson and Denyse Graves at the AT&T Performing Arts Center ACT III Gala last night, but I wanted to praise the ballet element of the event. Christopher Wheeldon’s Morphoses ballet company blew me away. I’ve heard the dancing described as “dreamlike” before, and that’s exactly what the sequences seemed like, to me. The first act, a dance with just a male and female dancer, was so lovely and intimate and definitely different from any ballet I’d seen before (though admittedly, I haven’t seen much more than the Nutcracker). I loved the second (or third?) act with the men and women in tutus, which was whimsical, pretty, and a little bit funny. Overall, the dancing was the highlight of my evening.

I’ve also got a tip for people heading to ACT III tonight: have dinner or a drink at One Arts Plaza beforehand and valet your car there. It’s just a short walk and a much shorter valet line.


  • Krista Nightengale

    I agree. The ballet was definitely entertaining in all ways. However, not everyone thought so. During the second ballet act (less than an hour into the production), the music stopped for a dramatic pause, and right on cue, a man a row below me snored.
    My row had a bonding moment as we all tried to be courteous and not laugh. We failed.

  • Aecintx

    This dance ensemble was exquisite in every way last night. I can’t wait to see them again. It had me wondering, however, why TBT was not on the bill…and how they will measure up when they take the space, especially when I hear it will not be with live music.

  • Wasn’t the ballet just unreal?
    The second performance was enough to make me cry in public – no joke, it was tense and sad and exquisitely beautiful all at once - and seeing everyone file into the opera house was pretty whiz-bang amazing, too; the building’s exterior walls are a really glassy red unlike anything you may have seen in renderings or hardhat tours, and the acoustics inside are good enough that you can hear a pin drop (or, in my case, a cell phone falling from the hands of someone two rows up. It sounded like it weighed 10 pounds).