Marty B Lashes Out at Cowboys Fan Via Twitter

If you aren’t already following Dallas Cowboy Martellus Bennett on Twitter @Jupiters_Crunch, now might be a good time. Looks like today’s loss combined with some tweets from a frustrated fan got Bennett a little upset. In Bennett’s defense, the guy (@cbeck10) was harassing him a lot. On the other hand, it would have been just as easy for Bennett to block the tweets as it was for him to flip the guy a digital bird. Here’s a sampling of Bennett’s more interesting post-game tweets in chronological order:

– That’s football tho u win u lose anyway it goes u gotta move on to the nx week. No time to let one game hold u down. about 2 hours ago from Echofon

@cbeck10 who the f— are u get a life bum about 2 hours ago from Echofon in reply to cbeck10

Did the game bother me hell yea. We gotta win these type of games I’m pissed the f— off. But it’s over gotta get ready for the nx about 2 hours ago from Echofon


  • Trust me, I was as angry and disheartened as any Cowboys fan yesterday. But uhhh, taking to Twitter to harass and heckle Marty B? How is that constructive? And you’re gonna take it all out on him? I can think of a dozen other people who could use a Twitter scolding before Martellus Bennett.

  • JB

    I did not like Marty B. His initial impression particularly on “Hard Knocks” last year was annoying. But I see now he is a good guy and you really have to admire a guy who reaches out to his/Cowboys’ fans. But the average fan has no clue what a professional football players’ mindset is. Marty is now a pro, and that means you play the game, win or lose, and move on to the next one. A pro may not get as emotionally involved as a fan because he is so much more technically involved and preparing for the next game. I fear Marty’s friendliness may come back to bite him someday from an unruly and contemptuous fan.

  • Unless you’re leaving out parts of the conversation, from the way the snippets above look, it appears that @cbeck10 was lashing out at Marty, not the other way around (as your headline implies). Marty was more mad at himself than @cbeck10.