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Leading Off (10/22/09)


1. Last week, I told you about students who could not finish their driver’s ed. This week, I bring you young children who can’t pass the fifth grade. It’s a sad tale, really. But you know what? It’s all perfectly fine. How do I know?

“It obviously makes it more of a challenge, there is no question – but it can be done,” said Dallas ISD spokesman Jon Dahlander. “We have students who come in the ninth grade who don’t speak a word of English, and they have gone on to graduate as valedictorians of their schools and gotten scholarships at some of the top universities.”

Right. Because the children who come in not speaking English and then take over the world are the same children who are currently unable to pass fifth grade.

2. Speaking of sad tales, check out this story about a 70-year-old woman who lost her dog. A family found a dog that looks a lot like the lost one and adopted him. Now the family won’t give him to the senior citizen. And now the senior citizen has dreams that the family will one day call and let her look at the dog to see if he’s hers, which he is. She can tell by looking at a picture of his face. A mother knows her child.

3. First we went green at home. Then we got green at work. Now, the skies are greening up, at least if Southwest has something to say about it. The company has found a way to cut 472 pounds from a plane, thus making it more efficient.
I don’t know. I like green. I think it’s good. But let’s see how bad we all really are at math: you cut 472 pounds from a plane. The plane flies 30,000 feet in the air. How quickly does this equate to me missing those extra pounds? (Sorry to confuse you all. What I was trying to say was: how can you cut that many pounds from a plane without it affecting something? I feel like I would be worrying about this during the flight. I was trying to connect it to the first item. It didn’t work. Sorry.)