Leading Off (10/19/09)

1. Highland Park ISD’s enrollment increased this year. Not unusual, right? Well, it kind of is. They’re seeing more students coming in at the fifth through eighth grade levels–and most of those kids are transferring in from private schools. But relax. Not everyone’s gone poor! In fact, David Baker, director of admission and financial aid at St. Mark’s, wants you to know that not only did he recieve more applications than ever this year, St. Mark’s also has more students enrolled than ever. So there.

2. Also in not-poor news, it appears that this was a record breaker of a weekend at the Texas State Fair. People spent about $6.4 on coupons this weekend. That’s a whole lot of corny dogs.

3. Not everyone was eating fried butter this weekend. Approximately 25,000 people visited our new AT&T Performing Arts Center yesterday. Patrons took tours of the new Wyly Theater and the Winspear Opera House, enjoyed a number of live performances, and checked out local museums–and all of it was free! My favorite quote from this Dallas Morning News piece about the day comes from Tray Mingle, who after learning about the DCPA’s $354-million price tag, says this: “Well, it’s gorgeous. This is no time to count pennies.” Recession, Dallas has no time for you, sir.