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Kenyan Rides the Bull

By Krista Nightengale |

While working on putting together the print issue, we’ve come across a rather unexpected photo: a man riding the mechanical bull in traditional African clothing. When I looked up the gentleman’s name, I discovered he’s from Kenya and a member of the Samburu tribe. He and his friend are traveling through America with producers from National Geographic. They’re working on a show titled “Two Kenyan Guys.”

Not only did the gentlemen apparently enjoy a rather interesting evening at Cattle Baron’s, but they also went to an SMU football practice, learned to line dance at Billy Bob’s, and visited a “fainting goat” farm in Bowie. I’m not sure these choices are the best representation of Dallas. I like picturing them at the Cattle Baron’s Ball, but I think a Cowboys game would have been exciting. I also wonder where they went for dinner. Their diet consists of beef, blood, and milk.

Check an upcoming issue of D for the picture of the man. He seems to be having a great time.