InsideCorner, R.I.P.

It really was magic. When we launched InsideCorner at the beginning of the baseball season, it was an opportunistic move made possible by the Morning News‘ shortsightedness. They had on their staff the best baseball beat writer in Texas, Evan Grant, and they decided to make him cover football (a move forced by their content-sharing agreement with the Star-Telegram). So, with the support of some visionary advertisers (Dr Pepper, Pappas Bros., Texas Rangers), we were able to make a home for Evan in our humble digital outpost. You know what happened after that: the Rangers had one of their best seasons in club history as a direct result of Evan’s comprehensive, insightful coverage (along with the fine work of Mike Hindman and Jeff Miller, it should be noted). Then, at the end of the baseball season, the News got its shortsighted vision corrected by ESPN and hired Evan back.

Meantime, we’d brought along some other writers to round out the coverage on InsideCorner, most notably Bob Sturm, he of Ticket fame. Bob broke down the Cowboys for us in the way that only he can. And Gina Miller of TXA 21 has been pitching in on the Mavs front. Zac and Eric threw up a few posts, too, from beyond the arc.

Here’s what we struggled with: we had this great baseball blog run by a full-time employee whose job was to feed and care for the thing more or less around the clock. Then we had this parentless sports blog that was getting passed around from babysitter to babysitter, each of whom gave the thing good care when they had the time but each of whom also had a full-time job (in Zac’s case, keeping Twitter in business; in Eric’s case, breaking necks and cashing checks; in Bob’s case, mediating on-air fights between his broadcasting partner and his producer on BaD Radio; in Gina’s case, keeping Derek Harper’s six-button suits in check on Mavs broadcasts; in Mike Hindman’s case, lawyering; in Jeff Miller’s case, writing books). This is no way to raise a child. A kid needs stability. Rules. An engaged parent.

So. We’ve decided to give our baby to a better home. Or, more accurately, we’ve decided to put the baby down. And not just for nap.

On Monday, we’re pulling the plug on InsideCorner. Its content will still live on the interubes should you ever want to search for a bit of information you remember reading, but there won’t be any links to it on our site. Thank you to everyone who was a part of the magic while it lasted. Thank you especially for your forbearance as we’ve figured out the right course of action.

God bless us all.


  • Jesse

    It was a great blog that covered the angles on all the area sports we wanted to know. Maybe I should just speak for myself, but I think many will agree : this was the best sports blog in town.

  • Thanks, Jesse.

  • MP

    So are you going to basketblog on Frontburner?

    I am still not going to read Whitt.

  • MP: I still plan on contributing regular Mavs posts here, though not in the amount I planned for InsideCorner, so as not to overwhelm and/or irritate those who are not MFFLs. Figure a post or so a week, depending on their schedule.

  • Don’t forget sweet Ryan Jones. All of these guys worked their butts off and did a great job. Evan, I’m going to miss you around here.

  • JS

    Get a volunteer to run it for you — then we will not be deprived of Zac, Bob et al. and you still will have the content.

    And you know the DMN will screw up again or will pull the plug and you will have plenty of contributors!

  • Scout0820

    I’m alsmost shed a tear as I read this. I will miss Inside Corner. Just remember if the stars ever do align again, it was a much loved blog and we’d love to have it back.

  • Nancy is right: Ryan Jones deserves a special round of applause. He did a ton of work for the site, and never really was acknowledged for it.

    In fact, I will now drink a shot of Knob Creek to honor his services. Salud!

  • @Zac: Material connection much?

  • neitherparty

    No Funeral……

  • becca

    you guys did something pretty fun. rest in peace, orphaned blog of sports dallas fun.

  • Evan Grant’s summer job ended over a month ago… but today’s being treated like his last day, odd

    from day one “sports” shouldn’t have been in the blog title, it was always Evan’s personal baseball blog funded by Dr. Pepper.

    I really would’ve liked to have seen y’all cover all Dallas area sports but I guess their isn’t enough room in the new digs for a sports blog


  • Thanks for your courage, Creth.

  • Christine Allison

    Also want to give a shout out to Jeff Miller. He did amazing work on the Rangers, and most recently on the Stars. We will miss you Jeff.

  • Me

    A poor decision. The content on there, even post-Evan, was still strong.

  • Tim: This might have been the nicest thing you have ever written. I’m truly touched. Sad, too, to see InsideCorner go quietly away.

    But my seven months at D afforded me the chance to meet great friends and co-workers, great readers and friends and to learn so much more about the digital world than I ever knew before.

    Really, the likes of Jeff Miller, Ted Price (our video volunteer), Mike Hindman, Ryan Jones and, of course, Sturm all deserve so much credit for basically throwing themselves into this without much in the way of compensation. I think everybody can say that they were somehow enriched from this experience. How cool is that?

  • Mavs Man

    “Say it ain’t so, Joe!”

    I second what others have said above. This really had a great run over the summer, but I also agree with Me (of course I would) that the content post-Evan was still very strong, and I am sad that the plug is getting pulled so soon after his departure.

    I feel like the joggers who followed Forrest Gump around for a year. “Now what are we supposed to do?”

  • This is too bad, though the sadness had been in the air since the day that Evan left. A little frustrating because I venture to wager that if another dedicated baseball guy would have been brought in to replace him, the audience would have stayed. I sure would have. I love to read Evan’s stuff, but I can’t bear 2 seconds reading the dribble that appears on that DMN blog in the comment section. Those comments are written and read by jack***** and morons.

    DMag — you did good. You made the Summer of 2009 magical for many of us. Good luck and God speed.

    [oops – my salty tongue caused this to be filtered!)

  • Da Blade

    In the words of Mark Cuban: “Too bad!”

  • disappointed

    this sucks, the blog was still strong post-Evan. sad to see it go. back over to Bob’s blog I go.

  • Let This Serve Notice

    to E. Grant and the rest of the DMN crew: yous guys gots about 4 mos. to fix your craptastic blog before the Rangers begin a season in which they are expected to challenge for a division title. InsideCorner is clearly the benchmark. I can’t remember seeing a blog community build as quickly and effectively as this one did. Give us a good home or learn to tolerate copious InsideCorner references in every substantive comment next year. The summer of ’09 was noted by a glossy monthly beating the aged, old daily into submission by being leaner, meaner, faster, and markedly better. I would rather cannonball on to a fork than give Wick credit, but the time has come to acknowledge the severe knee-shot InsideCorner provided the DMN. Nice job with InsideCorner, it’ll be missed.

  • Great. Now how am I supposed to get a press pass to the Byron?

  • DJCahill

    For a brief shining moment, D Magazine had the best sportswriting in the Metroplex.

    It was great while it lasted.

  • It’s “The Nelson”

    Anyone who calls it the Byron should never be allowed on the grounds.

  • MJ Hindman

    I wish I had the time or a place to write a thorough narrative on the genesis of Inside Corner project, what it meant to a certain Bald Bulldog Beatwriter (hint: I think it more or less saved his life) and how thrilled (shocked might be more like it) we all were that it took off like it did, but I don’t. Thanks to Wick and everyone at D for supporting this innovative concept and to all of the Insider Cornerians for creating a fantastic cyber community that was insightful, thoughtful, mature, generally respectful and happy. Among all of my dalliances with journalism, there is none I am as proud of as my experience with Inside Corner.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    Even though the sports blog has croaked, the Allison Online Empire still has the resources to blog about shopping, society parties, and weddings. As Coach Kennedy used to say, “What a bunch of ladyfingers!”

  • @Topham Beauclerk: See, that’s the thing, friend. All those blogs you mentioned are deeply subsidized by our print products. As in, the pennies we make on the blogs don’t pay for the content that is posted thereon. Those bloggers all work here.

    Our business model heretofore with blogging has been simply to load more work on editors. InsideCorner was a different animal altogether.

  • Sports fan Dallas

    Can’t you guys start a new one as a labor of love and not associated with the publication?

  • Topham Beauclerk

    Tim, as long as Bobsturm keeps blogging somewheres, I’ll survive. Really, I just wanted to call you a bunch of ladyfingers.

  • josh pearson

    Dude. Have you been to the Nelson? I was recently enlightened and the names are now interchangeable. Even for a golf purist. Trust me.

  • @Topham Beauclerk: What’s wrong with ladyfingers? I can stab pretty hard with my long fingernails.

  • It’s “The Nelson”

    @Josh Pearson


  • Cristobal Colon

    Thank God that I don’t have to sift through piles of stinking baseball coverage to read the GOld from Sturm on here. Good riddance…

  • john in clearwater

    Sad day and a commentary on the economics in media. I’ll mutter a little eulogy as I delete Inside Corner from my “favorites” list.

  • WacoGreg

    What a shame, I wish we got some more reasoning behind this…I thought things were going nicely since Evan’s departure and was looking forward to seeing the mavs/stars coverage over here. Well, I guess all good things must come to an end. Thanks for everything and to everyone who contributed to a great place to hang out a watch a ball game.

    @ Jack Daddy- I agree I think most of the readers would have stayed here. So where do we go now?

  • Don in Austin

    Amidst all the well-deserved accolades to the writers, don’t neglect the commenters. All you have to do is read the comments of the DMN or even the Austin newspaper to realize what a nice community evolved during the run of Inside Corner. Well played, all.

  • Ehren

    This is a bummer to find out. It was the best blog in town. Most of the posts by the readers were actually decent. I’m already irritated by the DMN posts. This sux!