Giant Pac-Man to Eat Downtown Dallas on Sunday

This Sunday, a flash mob art happening will produce the image you see here. That’s the plan, anyway. It’s a caper planned by the Professional Artist Coalition to show support for healthcare reform. Jump for more details.



Sunday Oct 25, 11am-12:30


Website: PAC-WE.Net and Facebook: PAC-WE

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An ACTION by and for the North Texas Art Community calling for health care reform.

PAC — WHAT? The Professional Artist Coalition is a ‘flash mob action’ creating a bright public yellow signal for health care reform. A first for Dallas, and this cause.


The North Texas art community. This includes thousands of citizens daily engaged in the visual, performing, literary, media, and commercial arts.


Morton Meyerson Symphony Hall- convene under the di Suvero Sculpture ‘Proverb/ Pendulum for preparation of happening.

PAC- HOW? Artists and supporters are creating a large yellow PAC-WE symbol to show our support for healthcare reform. They will arrive by 11:00 am. on the North Lawn of the Meyerson Symphony Hall underneath the large red ‘di Suvero’ sculpture.

We will provide yellow ponchos ($2 donation). They will be directed by our wranglers into a PAC-WE formation and given patch indicators for your preference for reform and what kind of artist you are. This will be documented by video and photo.


Because artists of any kind stand with the American people to demand a change to the status quo of a broken health care system.

Because artists are unique as a profession, suffering as a result of the current health care status quo. Most are independent contractors, uninsured or underinsured.

Because artists are fed up with other PAC’s (Political Action Committees) funded by insurance and drug companies that are fighting to care for profits instead of health.

At the same time Dallas is celebrating its enormous achievement with the opening of the Dallas Arts District’s multi million dollar ‘Performing Arts Center’

to show off the incredible creativity artists bring into our lives, the truth is, most artists are independently supported and can not afford their own health insurance.

Because artists have been silent and invisible for too long when it comes to the health and care of our society.

PAC WE – The Origin of the Concept

PAC MAN is a sign of consumption. We often consume health care and culture without thinking about its wider context. We don’t ask why healthcare costs so much or why so many are left without it. We also don’t ask about the livelihoods and healthcare of the artists that are seen as culture providers. Since the cuts in arts funding on a national and local level (most notably during the culture wars of the 1990s) artists have been cultural workers who contribute to our communities with little or no support in return.

But PAC MAN is also a sign of the earliest glimmer of technology and its promise for the future. When it was invented in the 1980’s we would never have guessed that the internet would create a world that was so connected and empowered by the access to information. These qualities drive this event by connecting us and empowering us, based on our access to information that is so condemning of the status quo. These qualities bring us together on this day for this action.

By bringing a community off ‘facebook’, ‘myspace’ and email, to meet ‘face to face’ to be visible for issues that really matter to us, and to do so with a creative action, we can empower change.


  • SDM

    Perfect representation of the government swallowing up personal choice

  • doubts

    I am all for it. Lets go ahead and pull all of the funding from the NEA so that we can fund healthcare.

  • Steve

    This sounds really fun and should change a lot of minds about health care reform!

    Well, at least one of those things is true.

  • Blad Panning

    Flash Mobbing 101: Don’t let the plan leak out ahead of time or property owners and police may prevent it from happening.

  • chicken

    Call me crazy, but I thought the whole point of a Flash Mob was for it to be a surprise?

  • Scott J

    Why is Pac-Man going backwards? This gov’t healthcare is a regression but you don’t have to be so blatant about it.

    I also demand some pink ponchos so the sexism and gluttony of Pac-Man can be balanced by the sleek allure of Ms. Pac-Man.

    So many things to be done with blue and purple ghosts… I am very annoyed I am out of town this weekend.

  • Midway Hollow

    Obamacare will lead to rationing cherrys and bananas.

  • Carter Class of ’72

    Boy, that wacky North Texas Art Community, so so unique, so independently minded, so unwilling to be the tools of a massive propaganda machine…wait, what?

  • Dallasite

    The ghost idea would be great. Counter the socialist and greedy pacman with some capitalist undead. Good times to be had by all!

  • Randy Neal

    Woohoo! Love the mentality — because they can’t make ends meet because of “cuts in arts funding” (read “support by hardworking taxpayers”) they now seek “health care reform” (read “payment of medical costs by hardworking taxpayers”).

    I love the arts, but if it’s not supplying your needs, do what the rest of us do — get a decent-paying job. Quit expecting the rest of us to support you just because you’re an “artist.”

  • Yossarian

    @Randy Neal Your attitude is very dismissive and haughty. Are you sure you aren’t an artist? Harness that rebellion in paint, song or interpretive dance and you may have another career.

    @Dallasite The ghosts idea is a great one. Word on the street is that is will be implemented. They’ve been ask about providing higher visibility at the event but they can be very difficult to work with (no union to negotiate terms, artsy, demanding, high-strung, high-voiced etc).

  • greg

    the kind of logic and commentary in this blog is exactly why we have one of the least covered and most expensive health care systems in the free world. it has nothing to do with hard working individuals it has to do with people who support a status quo which does not work. plenty of hardworking people can not afford health insurance. this is the same thinking that put our country in a tail spin to deficit financial woe and an inefficient broken healthcare system.


  • Arts funding is only a small fraction of the problem. Creative professionals work in all sorts of fields–an artist of some sort had a hand in every single product you use in your daily life, and many of us are independent contractors with no or inadequate insurance.

    I’m a creative professional who for years has made my living writing for newspapers and magazines–an industry in dire distress. Jobs are scarce, pay is down. My husband (also a creative professional) and I have insurance that may or may not cover us in catastrophic illness, and we pay a lot for it.

  • Is the Pac Man eating pills? Were they sourced from Canada at a discounted rate?

  • bob

    Nothing says “health care reform” like an homage to a video game. Thanks, Dallas-area Artists!

  • Diana Souza

    To all the haters who have commented here:

    What you fail to realize is that artists are the cultural workers who provide the entertainment you consume everyday: music, movies, TV, books, newspapers, magazines, games, theater, etc.

    To resent us for this, and to be antagonistic towards supporting us in the work we do for your pleasure will ultimately reduce your pleasure sources. I suggest aiming your gun away from your foot.

    Bravo, PAC-WE !! If there are artist-lovers (not haters) among you readers, please come out and play with us this weekend to cheer on the producers of the collective pleasures we all enjoy & consume in the arts.

  • I work freelance drawing comic books for clients like Marvel(Disney) and DC(Warner Bros). everyone in our biz is freelance, and this is a billion dollar industry. only staffers that work in the buildings in manhattan get health benefits. i work almost round the clock on deadline based projects. I work in PUBLISHING MEDIA. i have editors, i have fans, i have a college degree. what i don’t have is health insurance. contrary to what one ignorant commentor said, i don’t get paid by tax dollars or any such thing. i don’t know anyone who does. i can’t afford a private health insurance plan that would do me any good. you know why? because they are disproportionately expensive for people outside the employer based system. anyone who starts hurling “get a real job” comments, is completely ignorant of how the media works.

  • My wife and I are both freelancers in the photo biz. I am also a filmmaker and writer. We both work hard and earn a living. But, we both have pre-existing conditions. No health insurance company will sell us coverage. All you ignorant boneheads out there who argue against health insurance reform because you already have health coverage for yourself, are pathetic excuses for human beings. Have some compassion for others. Would you sit at a table and eat a five course meal while a group of starving people stood around you and watched? Probably.

  • Lisa C.

    I am all for it! Sounds like fun and will pass it on to all my friends! See you Sunday.

  • Erica

    I am a young college professor whose only opportunities to teach are adjunct – meaning no health benefits. During my time in graduate school I became very ill and am now not a desirable candidate for private health insurance companies. I’m not a good financial investment. I work hard at a job I am extremely passionate about and hate the idea that in order to provide basic care for myself I may be forced to give up a life in academia. This issue is larger than whether being an artist is a worthwhile lifestyle – that is merely a distraction. This is about believing that the right to health should not be a privilege doled out by insurance companies concerned only with their bottom line. This event is an opportunity to meet others who believe something needs to change. Irregardless of what people believe the answer to this problem should be, as no doubt we all have different opinions, this event is a chance to voice the belief that the status quo simply isn’t cutting it and that we as human beings deserve more.

  • Daniel

    Oh, all you “artistes” are full of crap. Everybody knows there are only two types of people: 1) White Republican Americans, the hardest-working and most virtuous class of hominid in the annals of natural history; and 2) bums, freeloaders and minorities (oops! thrice redundant!).

    Guess which you are, Mr. “Pre-Exixting Condition” Leech? I hate the sissified enterprise known as art; I prefer stuff like movies with lots of special effects, but I guess that’s just not sissy enough for any artist I’ve ever imagined.

  • MIssing Dots

    Which of those dots represents Wick’s house?

  • I cannot say it better than Diana Souza, so I shall quote her.

    “What you fail to realize is that artists are the cultural workers who provide the entertainment you consume everyday: music, movies, TV, books, newspapers, magazines, games, theater, etc.

    To resent us for this, and to be antagonistic towards supporting us in the work we do for your pleasure will ultimately reduce your pleasure sources. I suggest aiming your gun away from your foot.”

    I’ve tried to explain this to people for years. Most folks just don’t understand how many artists work their butts off on a freelance basis with no benefits.

  • Jax

    Fine if you don’t want to see the artist’s side then consider this. We’re not the only ones not able to afford health care. Small businesses are not fairing well either in this game. A CPA or a small office supply company the local courier you use all can’t afford health care.

    For those of you who say we should stop funding the NEA you have a seriously flawed sense of what forward thinking\moving government is. We pale in comparison to what the rest of the Western world spends in funding for the arts. The time of the arts also fosters the times of scientific reason and enlightenment. The time of Renaissance was the time of Da Vinci the time of Michelangelo the time of Galileo. So why can’t we support both; we support you so your lives are better not just to take away what you have.

    We put our heart and soul in to what we do so that you may enjoy life. So the next time you go to see the movies remember you are watching a symphony of artists at work. The next time you see the beautiful photo in your favorite magazine or on the back of a bus remember we have jobs to and we work just we are not paid the same as you in your ivory tower office with benefits.

  • greg

    i like bob’s remark that ‘nothing says health care reform like a homage to a video game’. i think most people have no idea who designs those games. how many artists work on them and how many of those can not afford their healthcare. that is the point bob!
    glad you got it!~you must be from dallas!
    making the invisible visible!

  • And the next time you drive a car, wear a favorite outfit, buy a new sofa, read a book, look at a website, etc. etc. etc., remember that an artist designed it…

  • Christian

    I hate being from Dallas because of the first set of commenters, but love living here because of the second. Go PAC WE.

  • I hold an MFA, I have been a hardworking scholarship student all through college, I work at least 40 hours a week at ‘a decent job’, I take up extra gigs teaching adjunct positions and even babysitting. I still cannot afford health insurance.

    I don’t have a car, I don’t have a fancy cell phone, I don’t have designer clothes, I don’t watch movies at a movie theater, I don’t have any expensive hobbies. I still cannot afford health insurance.

    I do have all four of my wisdom teeth that ache all the time and are destroying my regular set of teeth. I do have a bad shoulder that wakes me up in the middle of the night. I have not seen a gynecologist in years. I do not have health insurance.

    I could wait until until I land a dream job like Randy Neals, that pays for a good insurance coverage, but in the meantime all of my hard work still leaves me insurance-less. To allege that I don’t have health insurance because I do not work hard at ‘a decent job’ is a gross misjudgment.

    If we, the artists, are gathering to peacefully give voice to a genuine problem at hand, we speak for an entire nation. Stand up together, Americans, and make a positive change.

  • I am one of the fortunate who can afford (or at least edgily afford) health care. The edge is owing to the fact that I’m also a retired (but working) university professor. Many of my arts students, or former arts students, CANNOT afford health care. Some/many barely make it from one week to the next while they do what they love and what is ESSENTIAL for any society that thinks of itself as advanced (e.g., they do ARTS). I can only hope they shall be able to continue what they do so wonderfully well AND come to enjoy the benefits of health care that many in our ADVANCED? society enjoy.

  • Festering Sores

    Anybody who is against universal health care is also anti-Christian. Jesus would want me to go get my teeth checked, even if I couldn’t afford it because the club owner screwed me out of my $50 for a 5 hour gig. Hope you Republicans enjoy rotting in hell, I know I’ll enjoy watching you from above.

  • The status quo doesn’t work, I am with you there.
    This event is supposedly about being against the status quo, regardless of what you think the solution is.
    That’s just ridiculous, people need to start considering solutions. Stop protesting things like “being mad” which is what you are doing when you don’t have a plan and you protest the “status quo”. Some actually do have a plan, and that is to show the people whom they work for, “look how many people want government controlled health care” So it’s kind of manipulative and that’s not cool.

    For the guy who said that people against the government reform would turn you away from the dinner table while eating a 5 course meal…consider this:
    Maybe… or maybe not,at least we have that choice, but what you want us to do is mail someone in Washington a check for $4000 then hope that somehow they turn around and give you a bite to eat. One that is worth $100. The Government is the worst allocator of money in the world…. to this we probably ALL agree.

    Health Care is too expensives, free market solutions to health care would reduce costs considerably meaning many people could then afford health care, and we would no longer have a “crisis”.
    This is another example how through price fixing and lobbyist and government intervention, we have allowed things to get screwed up.

    If the Democrats force everyone to buy insurance, the insurance companies WIN. If the Republicans can keep things as they are the insurance companies WIN.
    If we could wake up and get the government out of business…. FOR REAL. Then we would all be better off, and saving little Suzie from shoulder pain would be easy, when you have an extra 20 grand in your pocket.

    You want to be mad about something? We spend a trillion dollars a year on our foreign policy…. TRILLION. To do what? Police the world? We need to get out of other countries, and worry about the United States.
    This country indeed has been sold down the river by the banks, insurance companies, the war machine, as Michael Moore (whom I don’t love) says… but the solution is to wake up to it, and stop it.

    Not turn away from what made this country the single greatest country in the world.

    You think Obama is less connected to those powers that be than Bush? That is crazy, look who is standing right behind him.

    Simple economics tells you that you cannot take take take from those contributing and give to those begging before everyone will be on the begging side.

    I was a musician for 30 years (still am) but when I was eating a snicker bar for an entire days worth of meals, I didn’t ask anyone for help. I made my own choices & lived with the consequences. I played music and worked, until playing music paid the bills. When it stopped paying the bills… back to work.