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Eolas Technologies Sues North Texas Companies For Infringement

By Jason Heid |

Thanks to the Plano Star-Courier, I am now aware of last week’s news that Eolas Technologies sued a bunch of companies in federal court in Tyler for patent infringement. Among the companies being sued are Plano-based Perot Systems, Frito-Lay, and JCPenney. Texas Instruments is also among the defendants.

The suit centers on “technology that enables Web browsers to act as platforms for fully interactive embedded applications.” Looking around online for a simple explanation of what that means, I found a sketch in this article. The Star-Courier article, which is much too reliant on Eolas’ own press release, mentions that the company won a judgment of more than $500 million against Microsoft in an earlier patent case, but fails to mention that after appeals the case was settled, presumably for a smaller amount.

But there seems to be a vocal faction on the Web, among those who actually understand this technology, that claims Eolas didn’t really invent anything and is just a patent troll. I don’t know who’s right here. But I have been told that the Eastern District of Texas, which has a disconcertingly simple website itself, is the place to be for patent trolls.