Architect Explains Why There’s a Hole in the Wyly

WylyOne Arts Plaza has that big white square on the side, and the Hunt Oil Tower bulges out like a, well, like a giant H. So I guess it makes sense that downtown’s new Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre has a big rectangular hole at the top on its west side (at far left in this pic). At first I thought they just hadn’t finished the building yet. But I’ve learned since that it’s actually an important architectural feature. On the big media tour this morning, I asked the architect Rem Koolhaas–a tall, gaunt Dutchman who kept checking his cellphone–about the thinking behind the big hole. “You have to have some things where your interest can dwell for awhile,” he explained. Then he went back to checking his phone.


  • Black Turtleneck & Rimmed Glasses

    John Silber said it best when he noted that, ” Absurdist architects have been sheltered by the academy, encouraged by critics, and commissioned by CEOs and trustees. They stamp the world with meaningless monstrosities, justify them with fanciful theories, and command outrageous ‘genius fees’ for their trouble.”

    And, I might add, a bunch of wannabe sophisticates in Dallas run around admiring the hole where their interests’ can dwell for a while.

  • Bob

    I met John Silber at UT in the 60’s when he was the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Talk about a provocative blowhard–the man just couldn’t get along with anyone. I guess that’s why he fled to Boston. Buh, bye, Dean Silber.

  • Dallasite


    You said what I was thinking, but in a much less obnoxious way.

    Modern architecture is just plain ugly.