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Leading Off (9/8/09)


1. Dallas County DA Craig Watkins will face a Republican challenger in his re-election effort. Dallas lawyer Phillip Linder has retained Allyn Media to run his campaign against the controversial Watkins, who says Linder is just the next challenge in a series of them he has faced. A preview of a Democrat whipping Republicans can be seen at tonight’s Allyn Media fantasy football draft, where I am scheduled to begin a season-long domination of those poor fools.

2. Parents of weak-minded children will see Leader Obama assimilate their offspring today in a national hypnomindpower event. Resistance is futile. Bwaaahaahaahaaahaahaahaahaaaaa!

3. Three Dallas law firms are planning to sue energy companies associated with the Barnett Shale over leasing agreements. Without reading the story, I can tell you the reasons are as follows: a) said energy companies are swimming in Barnett Shale cash, and b) lawyers gotta sue sumthin.