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Leading Off (9/1/09)

By Eric Celeste |

1. A group that includes a local teachers’ union is creating a public action committee that will support like-minded DISD board candidates in the November election. Its goals are a more open budgeting process, term limits, and getting rid of bad teachers so students can get the most out of a DISD education. Okay, you got me. I made that last one up. But you should know that. Did you not read the first sentence?

2. For the second time, author Kinky Friedman will climb aboard his three-trick pony (cowboy hat, cigar, quips) and run for governor. His candidacy will again help the Republican ticket by drawing a just-significant-enough percentage of votes from Democratic candidates to ensure another Rick Perry victory.

3. UT-Arlington has a new logo that emphasizes the word “Texas” and shrinks the word “Arlington.” (Props to the Star-T writer for this cheeky lead: “The University of Texas at Arlington has a new logo, featuring a little less A and a little more T.”) The change is designed to make the university seem more like a “major national research university.” Problem: I can still read the word “Arlington.”