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Frisco Police Chief Spoils Gun-Lover’s Fun

By Jason Heid |

So what if the Frisco police chief won’t let you have that fully automatic weapon you’ve always desired. You mean you were still hoping to buy your gun as an individual? All true patriots know that you should form a nonprofit corporation or gun trust for your firearm purchases.

That way you don’t need law enforcement to sign off, and you won’t have to give Big Brother your fingerprints. Best of all, the whole family will be able to enjoy your weaponry:

When an NFA firearm is transferred or registered to an individual, only that individual may possess and use that NFA firearm. However, with a gun trust, any trustee may possess the firearm … Hence, where a family sets up a gun trust, all family members over the age of 18 could be designated trustees; thus enabling them to have possession of the firearm.