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C.J. Wilson’s Wolfpack About to Get Bigger

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For those Rangers fans who have been following lefty pitcher C.J. Wilson on Twitter (str8edgeracer), today’s announcement was definitely a wait a second could it be?” moment:

str8edgeracer T shirts online!

Wilson has been tweeting for some time now about his intentions to publicly distribute “Wolfpack” t-shirts he designed – based on his nickname for the Ranger’s bullpen that was inspired by a hilarious speech from the movie The Hangover. (If you’re confused watch the movie clip and read the Star-T post)

Wilson confirmed, also via Twitter, that all proceeds from the t-shirt sales will go to a C.J. Wilson’s Children’s Charities project:

str8edgeracer@J_Hix we’re donating the current $ to the charity event, a new youth sports medicine center in plano, past events have been hospitals, etc

So, if you’re a Rangers fan, you got that going for ya. Which is nice.