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While We’re On the Subject of Preventable Deaths

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A friend-of-a-friend FBvian checks in with this:

To go along with your story about kids drowning, stating the obvious, preventable deaths… it also really infuriates me when people leave their dogs in the car in the summer. Today I was having lunch at Eatzi’s and heard barking from a car on Lemmon in front of that strip of stores. I walked across the street, found a terrier in a car with the window cracked one inch, and proceeded to go into every store until I found the idiot who thought that was okay. Then I verbally b***h-slapped him, and made sure he got that dog out of the car.

If it’s 87 degrees outside, indoor car temp is 115. If it’s 104, indoor temp can reach up to 120, even with windows cracked (via

I hope people are getting the message about not leaving babies in the car when it’s this hot, but let’s also not forget about our furry friends. They’re just as helpless.

There’s my rant.

Second that.