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Leading Off (7/7/09)

By Eric Celeste |

1. The City Hall corruption case against Don Hill is not going swimmingly for the former Mayor Pro Tem. On one tape, the woman who would soon become his wife talks about buying him the BMW which they were riding around in (with, allegedly, kickback funds). He admonishes her for saying she bought the car “for my man.” Hill responds:

“Listen, you did it for your lawyer ’cause if you got … Under oath, you’ll have to say that.”

No word on whether you could hear the FBI agents high-five at that point.

2. As Zac noted yesterday, the DMN‘s Brooks Egerton has been dogged in trying to find out just why the Texas Giant was closed recently. (And Six Flags has looked ridiculous in its stonewalling.) Turns out it was because one of the roller coaster cars “lost its proper position” on the track. Um, call me a little panicky, but isn’t its proper position, you know, on the track? And doesn’t that mean it was, you know, off the track? And isn’t that, like, my worst freaking nightmare!?

3. I heart 7-Eleven. They have good, cheap coffee. Their sandwiches are tasty. Their blueberry muffins are the bomb. And now they’re protesting high credit card transaction fees. To reward their fine work, I’m going to scarf a 1/4 Big Bite for lunch. And borrow the cash to pay for it.