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Leading Off (7/24/09)

By Eric Celeste |

1. Developer Brian Potashnik testified yesterday that, even when he found out the FBI was snooping around Dallas City Hall, he kept paying the mistress (and future wife) of Mayor Pro Tem Don Hill $14,000 a month to be “a consultant.” What did she consult him on? How to charge people for doing nothing, apparently. (Insert airline/government agency/cable company joke here.)

2. If you would like a big plate of awesome to go with your cup of coffee this morning, read the transcripts of the Mark Cuban-Don Nelson case. You’ll find out just how much they hate each other. You’ll find out that, if Nellie is to be believed, his son Donnie told him in the bathroom before the 2004 draft, sorry pops, you’re out of the loop on this one. (And see that Donnie wanted to draft Pavel Podkolzin instead of Devin Harris with the 5th pick. Yikes!) You’ll see Nelson call Erick Dampier “doggy.” It’s fun for the whole family.

3. Earthquake insurance is being offered to residents of Cleburne, as well as lightning insurance, black panther insurance (the animal, not the super hero), and, of course, dinosaur insurance.