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Clay Jenkins Makes Money Muscle Move In Dallas County Judge’s Race

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Todd Hill over at the Burnt Orange Report says attorney Clay Jenkins’ announcement that he has raised $250,000 to challenge County Judge Jim Foster in next year’s Democratic primary may clear the field.  Hill surmises that the surprisingly large amount should scare off other challengers such as State Rep. Helen Giddings and former airline exec Sam Coates. I did get a chuckle at one line in the report:

“Since winning the judgeship on the coattails of the dramatic Democratic sweep of 2006, Jim Foster has performed well below expectations…”

What expectations? Foster was a fluke. Hill goes on to wonder whether he’ll read the handwriting on the wall and not even run for re-election. Why shouldn’t he? A fluke once means there’s always a chance at twice.

UPDATE: Several journos have reminded me that Sam Coates has already dropped out of the race. Sorry ’bout that, Sam.