Mario Tarradell, Ctd.

A few follow-ups on yesterday’s Mario Tarradell item from FB Nation, after the jump.

As my late, great father used to say “all of his taste is in his mouth.”

He lost me last year when he didn’t have Radiohead as one of the ten best concerts of the year in 2008 and then his take at the Grammys and the subsequent comments about Radiohead.

I am the Angry Old Man in the comments section and not a Radiohead freak, but someone who recognizes their greatness. Which he obviously doesn’t get.

When I read his top 5 Michael Jackson songs, I about gagged.

More Belo bull — it is embarrassing that a “major market” newspaper has as bad an entertainment section as the DMN does — like them or not, the Observer runs circles around the Snooze.

I was out of town last week — wasn’t there a little musical get together at the AAC last Tuesday? You wouldn’t have known it if you tried to find a review in “Dallas’s Only Newspaper.” I still don’t know how Clapton and Winwood were in concert. [UPDATE: A review did, indeed, run of the Clapton/Winwood bill. It was a pick-up by Andrew Marton of the Star-T, not by Mario.]

The more I type, the more p.o.ed I get. I have been going to concerts for 35+ years and it irritates me to no end how bad music is covered by the Morning News.

My favorite part of the link above is when Tarradell jumps into the comments to clarify: “And by the way, Angry Old Man, Third Day was not my No. 1 concert of 2008. It was Tina Turner.” You don’t even have to write jokes; Mario will do it for you.

One more:

Amen, brother! That guy has all the musical taste of Denny Hazen.

I knew something was wrong when I read his “Top 10 Concerts of 2008”, which included Tina Turner, Third Day, Juanes, Shelby Lynne, and Brad Paisley. What the wha?! No Radiohead, no Hold Steady, no Girl Talk, no Flogging Molly, no My Morning Jacket. He needs to go.

I’ll be honest. I posted that last one solely for the Denny Hazen footage.


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