Leading Off (06/08/09)

1. DISD cop Jeremy Liebbe–a man noted for his dedication to fighting the “cheese” problem–is in hot water for using force to get a confession from a kid about a recent robbery. The 22-year-old suspect is mentally retarded–and his parents say he operates on a sixth-grade level. So what, you say? Well, Liebbe ignored the kid’s request for counsel. Oh, and one more thing: Liebbe is accused of threatening the kid with a semi-automatic handgun during the interrogation. Liebbe strongly denies that.

2. The City Council is having to make some tough choices to make up for a  $190-million budget deficit. One item that’s on the chopping block–a juvenile first-offender’s program–is tough to swallow. Since it began in 1974, the program has served hundreds of thousands of kids age 10 through 16. During the six-week course, police officers teach troubled minors about everything from health issues to ways to avoid trouble. And get this: according to the DMN article, “Statistics show that about 71 percent of the offenders stay in and complete the program. Of those, less than 10 percent reoffend.”

3. The folks over at Cowboys Stadium are assessing what went both right and wrong on Saturday at the George Strait/Reba McEntire concert. The problems were mainly minor–long concession lines, lack of hamburger buns, Strait giving a shout-out to Dallas rather than Arlington–and should be easily addressed in the next two weeks.  Officials are less concerned about running out of beer during the next gig–the mighty Jonas Brothers–the thinking being that many parents will drop off their underage kids. I think they overestimate how many parents will actually drop off their tweens. I also think they underestimate how many beers it will take those parents to get through a Jonas Brothers show. Better step up the cabs.


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