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Friday Time Suck: Flip Flop Fly Ball

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I can’t really describe this site any better than Craig Robinson, the man behind it does: “A love of baseball plus a love of infographics equals Flip Flop Fly Ball.” Therein, you can find clean, beautiful graphic representations of things such as the real world cost of stolen bases and the height of Fenway Park’s Green Monster as compared to other icons.

My favorite so far, and what gives me the most tangential of reasons to post this, is a fully realized box score of a fictitious tiebreaker game between the Wu-Tang Clan and the E Street Band to decide the Eastern Division pennant and determine who will face Earth, Wind & Fire in the Championship Series. (That’s not local, you might say. And you’re right. But along with that, Robinson also includes the final division standings. Look at the bottom of the Western Division. There, in last place with a record of 4-14, is Dallas’ own The Polyphonic Spree. Boom.)