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Wick Allison Pulls Himself Out …, Ctd.

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A meetings-savvy FBvian responds to another commenter about the convention-center hotel fight. And sort of tweaks the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau, which yesterday released a list of future conventions contingent on an attached hotel:

That’s an interesting comment from the poster as it pertains to the Dallas Safari Club, in light of the fact that the Safari Club convention is an international event and is moving to the Dallas Convention Center in 2010 and 2011. The move is not contingent on the hotel being built.

The Dallas Safari Club is not the hunting group mentioned in the latest release from Phillip Jones (describing groups that have committed to Dallas contingent on the building of the hotel), and interestingly, the Dallas Safari Club has been asking for a contract for 2012 at the DCC, but can’t get one.