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Leppert’s “Vote No” Radio Ad Wants You to “Fight the Powers That Be”

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We’ve all seen Mayor Tom Leppert’s “Vote No” commercial–stark white backdrop, piano softly playing in the background (you know, this video), but I hadn’t paid much attention to the Leppert ads airing on local radio stations. This morning on my way to work, I was listening to KRNB, and immediately following Brian McKnight’s “Anytime” (you know you like it–and he’s playing at the Meyerson July 8) came an ad from Leppert. A kind of ’70s funk/groove played in the background as he urged folks to vote no and, at the end of the ad, the lyrics to the background music were: “Fight the powers that be.”  Really, Tom Leppert? Really? Since when is the mayor of Dallas not synonymous with “the powers that be”?