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Leading Off (5/18/09)

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1. Were city officials being completely truthful when they said they did not have updated information on the convention center hotel’s financial viability? A letter sent to the attorney general suggests maybe not. The authors of the letter blame the whole mess on word choice. That’s usually my defense as well. I’m forever saying things like “done” when I mean “getting started,” or “great to see you again” when I mean “guuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

2. Just want to put this out there for the record: starting a baseballheavy sports blog the season the Texas Rangers might not break our hearts by June? Yeah, totally my idea. And it’s on the internet now, so it’s obviously 100-percent true. Also: I love Dr Pepper.

3. And finally, ladies and gentlemen, meet “Cheesus,” a Cheeto that kind of looks like Jesus. Maybe. At any rate, that’s enough of an opening to also introduce you to Pizzus — the Mozzarella Messiah, the Pepperoni Pontiff, etc. — a comedy pyramid that Don Cento and I scaled one night at the Double Wide. I may have had a few at that point.