The Nervebreakers: Club Dada, 4/11/09

As I offhandedly mentioned previously in a post about the Longhorn Ballroom, the Nervebreakers will play at Club Dada this weekend, the band’s first local show in 15 years. (They played a couple of shows last month in Austin during SXSW.) Why should you care?

They were the first punk band from Texas to sound like a punk band from Texas.

We Want Everything (track down a copy)

They opened up for the first Dallas show by the Ramones.

And the Sex Pistols.

And the Clash.

“My Girlfriend is a Rock” (later covered by the likes of the Angry Samoans and Wool)

The “Hijack the Radio”/”Why Am I So Flipped?” single

They backed up Roky Erickson for his first shows after he left a mental institution.

Who knows when they’ll play again?


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    11 responses to “The Nervebreakers: Club Dada, 4/11/09”

    1. towski says:

      Nervebreakers or Nervbreakers?


    2. Zac Crain says:

      I literally did that every time I typed their name.

    3. El Rey says:

      More reasons:

      All of the cool kids are going!

      Tom Leppert is not scheduled to appear and promote the Convention Center Hotel.

    4. Zac Crain says:

      @Towski: Eh, I probably wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

    5. frank says:

      Greatness Zac… These guys were / still are amazing. Hope to see you there.

    6. John Battles says:

      You pretty much said it all (Though there areother reasons why The Nervebreakers are great.), but , The Nervebreakers backed Roky in 1979 , a good 7 years after he was released from Rusk , and he had a lot of gigs under his belt by then. But , that’s pretty minor compared to some of the Journalists in Chicago. Time Out Chicago said The EXPLOSIVES , WHO BEGAN WORKING WITH ROKY 30 YEARS AGO , were a NEW band. Rock Critic Greg Kot noted that the first time Roky EVER played in Chicago was “His first show here in a long time”.John.

    7. Baba Looey says:

      I saw the greatness that was Roky in his first gig out of the mental hospital, at the late and lamented Mother Earth on Lamar in Austin in 1974. There was not a Nervebreaker within 500 miles of that stage.

    8. Zac Crain says:

      Thanks for the clarification, John.

    9. Missy Debour says:

      Hey Baba,
      I thought the Nervebreakers were from Dallas.
      Isn’t that within 500 miles of Austin?