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17 responses to “Site Parodies Convention Center Hotel”

  1. Tom says:

    Why would anyone take it down? Allen created it and it’s his site. Unless he didn’t have permission to use the image of the hotel, I can’t see why he’d have to take it down.

  2. Repeating myself from yesterday, something about this:

    Driving to the hotel is a piece of cake! Simply take the Trinity Tollroad up to the Ervay exit and you’re almost there! Simply visit and plan your trip!

    …is one of the funniest elements.

  3. The strikethrough of “Simply take the Trinity Tollroad up to the Ervay exit and you’re almost there!” didn’t show up.

    Damn the HTML!

  4. Bobby Ewing says:

    Love it…and hope folks show up to defeat the hotel by voting YES.

  5. Mike says:

    Glenn Hunter clearly doesn’t know much about intellectual property law. Or wit or intelligence.

  6. Chris Chris says:

    THAT is funny. Especially the Directions part.

  7. Curtis Remington says:

    If you read his “about this” section, it captures the essence of my thoughts on this hotel. He’s not a rabid, bomb-throwing hater of the convention center hotel. He just saw this as too big of a target not to take advantage of the awsome humor potential.

  8. RFP says:

    Unemployed web designer?

    I agree with Mike.

  9. Neither party says:

    I forget, is a yes vote ‘no’ on the hotel?

  10. Sid Nancy says:

    Fun Knee!

  11. Smokey Joe says:

    He left out the future DART station, arriving in 2051.

  12. bubba says:


    Did you leave D Magazine?

  13. Bethany says:

    Why is this interesting to you, bubba?

  14. I am, as I have been since 2005, a contributing editor for D. I left as a full time editor a year ago. You can follow my exploits on my blog at or my ongoing stories in D and the empire’s other pubs. I also have a column in the DMN, and features in national pubs like Reason. Thank you for your interest.

  15. Seven says:

    I’m sure that it is a funny site, but I had to stop reading at “it’s”. Arrrgggh.

  16. ack ack says:

    “Thanks for your interest,” is D Publishing speak for, “your question makes me uncomfortable.”