• N

    “That’s one thing I ain’t kissin’!”

  • amanda


  • publicnewssense

    The Northwest Pilots’ Ass was drunk.

  • Davie Dave

    Reporter: “Excuse me Sir, may I assk you a few questions?”

  • julz

    NBC Channel 5 with an apology (hat tip to FB):

  • microdermer

    “Buyout Package Offer Chaps Pilots’ Spokesman”

  • Someone at understands this “new” media interweb 2.0 thingy… impressive.

  • J Paul

    “No, I’m not a prick”

  • He’s got dumps like a truck, truck, truck…
    Thighs like what what what …
    Baby move your butt butt butt…

  • DGirl

    For today’s Daily Double, the answer is: It’s what they’ll be sitting on if they take a buyout.

  • Sammie

    Pilots bummed about offer