Nuttier and Nuttier: Tom DeLay Defends Texas Secession

As Rick Perry continues to make a fool of himself,  the always-reliable Tom DeLay jumps on the bandwagon, finding yet another way to get himself on a cable-TV program (h/t BOR). Of course, DeLay has nothing to lose and everything to gain by keeping himself front-and-center, but Perry’s people might want to look at this poll.  This time he is supported by even fewer people than the miserable 39% plurality he received in the 2006 election.

As Chris Matthews pointed out, the last time there was secession talk in Texas, it resulted in the deaths of 600,000 Americans. Perry might also want to consider what happened to the last secessionist governor of Texas.


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25 responses to “Nuttier and Nuttier: Tom DeLay Defends Texas Secession”

  1. grammarcheck says:

    Don’t you mean secession?

  2. Wick Allison says:

    I do. Fixed. It is a well established fact that I cannot spell. All help is gratefully accepted.

  3. billh says:

    I think he might be thinking of what happened to the last non secessionist governor:

    Although, Houston was right of course.

  4. NeitherParty says:

    I certainly wouldn’t feel great about stating, “As Chris Matthews pointed out” if I were in the same profession…but that is just me.
    To me the story isn’t about how ridiculous the idea is (I like the idea of it perhaps waking up DC,but wouldn’t want to go through with it)….its that Perry just flipped a switch and found this religion.
    For DeLay and Rush, this is pretty consistent. Do we give the Guv credit for our state economy? I don’t recall the specifics, but the top 5 cities for some sort of job measurable are all in Texas?

  5. patriot says:

    These dingbats are making Texas look terrible.

  6. Dirty Commie says:

    Not to nitpick, buy isn’t the last “governor” of the Republic of Texas doing some hard prison time right now? Does Richard MacLaren (sp?) ring a bell. Remember? In a fit of revolutionary fervor out in West Texas, he armed himeself against the forces of US Socialist Aggression and shot up his neighbors’ house and took them hostage. Unfortunately he didn’t Koresh himself and was captured, and now we have to support his sorry butt with our hard-earned tax dollars.

  7. OhPlease says:

    Why isn’t Tom Delay in jail?

  8. Scout0820 says:

    Where’s Sam Houston when you need him?

  9. Little O says:

    @Dirty Commie-

    People have short memories. One of his followers is also in prison for threatening to kill President Clinton. Perry should be impeached for supporting these idiots.

  10. NeitherParty says:

    So, in theory, this talk is coming up to push the limits of reviewing the 10th ammendment….that the fed is way overstepping its constitutional boundaries. Is this the first time you take a point to an extreme to make a point? This is just bogging down because of the messenger (Perry).
    I didn’t recognize Matthews without his Obama pom pons.

  11. towski says:

    I get the feeling NeitherParty isn’t.

  12. ERG says:

    Will y’all call Pete Sessions and get a comment so we can get opinions from the trifecta of Texas’ worst politicians?

  13. Sam says:

    Awesome point, except I wouldn’t cite to Chris Matthews for anything, except possibly an update on what undies Barack is sporting on any given day.

  14. rw says:

    Yes, I would love to hear Pete Sessions’ opinion. His clarity and conviction is always entertaining.

    Then – oh, I can only hope and pray – John Wiley Price will step up the plate and hit it out of the ballpark.

    If it all wasn’t such an embarassment to those of us who live in Texas, it would be entertaining. Sadly, though, the rest of the US has now decided that the people in Alaska aren’t so stupid in comparison.

  15. towski says:

    Wait, Chris Matthews likes Barack Obama? First Third I’ve heard of it.

    Off with his head, clearly.

  16. towski says:

    Clearly, my html skills require work. There was to be a strikethrough on “First”. So much for my very poor attempt at snarkiness. Done in by my own incompetence. Again.

  17. Rawlins says:

    Rick Perry is to Texas what mosquitoes are to Africa.

    Listening to Governor Perry, it’s like there’s a tailpipe hose in my car window and I’m inhaling on it like a supersized bong, making Kay Bailey look more and more like next year’s breath of fresh air.

  18. priceless says:

    Still, 31% is scary.

  19. John Q says:

    I’m in favor of electing our gay governor as president of the Confederate States.

  20. NeitherParty says:

    Unlike others, I won’t call you an apologist if you like Obama (see saying anything short of murderer about W). Chris Matthews passes himself off as a journalist (not like Rush who doesn’t interview people and tells you up front he’s conservative).
    My moniker is Neither Party because I don’t give a crap about the Repub or Dem party itself….it isn’t because I am on the fence about issues (obviously). As long as we follow one of the two organized parties, we won’t get rid of earmarks or get term limits. If Obama wasn’t trying to increase the size of government to a level that makes Woodrow Wilson’s and FDR’s dead pants go crazy……..I wouldn’t whince when I see him or his teleprompter.

  21. Knox Resident says:

    Of course the FIRST secessionist governor, Governor Lubbock served the Confederacy and they named Lubbock after him…not too shabby (even if Lubbock stinks).

    Still, pretty impressive to think 31% would vote for TX to be its own country. I think non-southerners fail to realize the fact that a Southern identity and culture is real. America takes for granted that everyone here is pro-Union.

    I’m not advocating secession, just pointing out that the South is still a distinct region with its own cultural, dare I say “ethnic” identity. That’s it y’all. 😉

  22. Knox Resident says:

    ^31% see it as Texas’ right, sorry about the number mix-up.

  23. NeitherParty says:

    The only way Lubbock stinks is if the wind is blowing in from the stockyards…..which is pretty frequenlty. Otherwise, you will never find better (salt of the earth) people anywhere.

  24. Eric says:

    Polls Schmolls. The War of Northern Aggression was just that. It’s about time *one* of the states told Washington to bugger off and read the constitution. What better state than Texas? Who else *but* Texas?
    Before 1860 Taxachusettes was always threatening to secede in order to sway legislation. So were a few other of those puny yankee states.

    And another stunning fact: Wick *never* makes a spelling mistake when doing the Saturday NYT crossword (in black micro felt tip ink).

  25. Oh No says:

    There is no shortage of rednecks in Texas, hence the relative popularity and face time of idiots in governing positions (current and former) who espouse radical (and unconstitutional) ideas.

    Let me make one thing clear: I love Texas. I was born and raised here. I’ve lived in Dallas, and the rural suburbs. I’ve farmed, broken horses, watched rodeos, lived in the nightlife areas. i’ve traveled to many other states and enjoyed what they have to offer, but nothing compares to Texas.

    That’s why I am embarrassed when people like Governor Goodhair makes profoundly stupid declarations.