Leading Off (3/03/09): Twitter Edition

1. TrinityRivPrjct I’m in truble agin! City may not b able 2 use all fed funds to fix me, cuz i’m so broken. P.s., just added @JSchutze as follower. Uh oh!

2. KunkleStud NICE work officer @Quattlebaum!!! U SAVED man @ Anatole trying to k-mit suicide. Needed + pub this week. U pick me up sliders from Nana, LOL?

3. H8hummers Got 5 yrs probation 4 keying HUMMERS in S-lake parking lot. I SHOULD GET A MEDAL! I’M 72! I DRIVE A DODGE STRATUS! kddng last part love bill ferrell.


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20 responses to “Leading Off (3/03/09): Twitter Edition”

  1. Good God, that hurt to read. And I’m their target demo! Two notes about this:

    1. Great April Fool’s joke about the Guardian (UK) going all-Twitter, including re-writing its news archive.
    “OMG Hitler invades Poland, allies declare war see tinyurl.com/b5x6e for more”; and “JFK assassin8d @ Dallas, def. heard second gunshot from grassy knoll WTF?”

    2. Rumors surfaced late yesterday that Google is in late-stage negotiations to acquire Twitter. Rumored price: $250 million in cash and stock. No linky because my comment probably would not go through with two links, but it’s on TechCrunch

  2. matt says:

    my head just exploded

  3. Amandax9362 says:

    No No No

  4. RayRayRay says:

    @3: For 72, that guy is pretty in touch with the toys of “kids these days.”

  5. Lavin says:

    This may be your best post!

  6. Eastside says:

    Please don’t ever post something like that again. Some people still enjoy actually reading words, not deciphering them.

  7. ThreeRedDogs says:

    Loved the post!

  8. becca says:

    IDK. My BFF Jill?

  9. TwitterSucks says:


  10. iPhoneLuvr says:

    Vote yes and ignore the first post.

  11. Gordon Keith says:

    h8rZ h8 2 much, luv it. need mor. d0nt b a pU55y, Airick.

  12. Waterlewd says:

    Michael Davis is Dwaine Caraway’s Gollum, or he could be Dwaine’s punk. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell.

    Dallas is for developers.

  13. Sway says:

    I went to school with Quattlebaum….he wasn’t so level headed then.

  14. Bethany says:

    Ok, I just want to kvetch about this for a second. Why do we have to make the these ballot measures so freakin’ confusing?

    Vote yes if you don’t want it. Vote no if you do. Seriously – who thinks this is a good idea?

  15. Kristiana Heap says:

    @Becca: Exactly. Thank you.

  16. publicnewssense says:

    Stp, u crl bstrd.

  17. Tim Rogers says:

    Saying nice things about Eric pains me. But I thought Leading Off was inspired today.

  18. Amy A says:

    IMHO this was fun. It’s Friday, IJS.

  19. Casie Pierce says:

    Wow, do people who use twitter really communicate like this??? I have an account and get emails from people “following” me, but I mostly just stare at it from a safe distance and sometimes get up close enough to poke it with a stick.