Hey, Rick Perry. Here’s An Idea. Let’s Merge With Mexico.

Joseph Duggan is a former speechwriter for the first President Bush (now there’s a challenge) who is a visiting professor at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico City. He was kind enough to send me his interview with ex-president Vicente Fox, published today by the American Spectator, and added a thought: If the Guv wants Texas to secede from the U.S., there’s another country that may like to have us:

I would estimate that about 5 percent of Mexican citizens live in Texas already (as many as 15 percent of Mexican citizens live somewhere in the USA). Since we love limited government, there could be a rotating presidency as in Switzerland.  For six months the “canton” of Texas could have the presidency, another six months, the Bajio region of Mexico, then the Yucatan peninsula, and so forth.

Dumb idea? It’s true that in the realm of dumb ideas, Rick Perry is usually the master*. But if we’re going to start entertaining them, we might as well include them all.

* I do have to admit that I like Perry’s support of the 10th Amendment. Just because it’s dead as a doornail, doesn’t mean it always has to be. That said, there are a few problems with Perry’s new-found Constitutional purity. Like, why didn’t he bring it up when W was president?


  • Neither party

    Where was this sovreignty in years past with border security and our ‘super highway’?

  • Jenny the Elephant

    Yeah, let’s go to Mexico. Good thinking, Perry. Stop teabagging, please.

    Chance ya can send me to Tennessee first!? Lily?

  • While Perry rants against government spending, maybe he should “secede” from his $9,000/month rental home while the TX governor’s mansion is restored.

  • Get Real

    Why merge with Mexico?
    we have most of their riff-raff working in the clown gardening cars. You see them! Like circus clowns stuffed in there…you know what I am talking about. Great, let’s merge with a peasant country with no education, no skills, and no talent.

  • Easy there, Get Real. Nobody said anything about merging with Oklahoma…

  • The Other Marty Cortland

    Hey, Wick:

    There’s no question that it’s your website, but I am pretty sure that I was the first in this CyberSpot to suggest buying Mexico.


    And while I am with you on the combinational allure of such acquisition, the problem with your proposed merger is that such transaction would not result in any goodwill.

    (I hope that there is a M&A accountant out there who gets that last one.)