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SXSW: Day 2, Part 1

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Haven’t done a ton so far today. Went through the trade show (the down-economy version — kind of depressing) and Flatstock (the annual poster show; local artist Nevada Hill had a booth). Saw Gary Louris and Mark Olson from the Jayhawks at the New West Records party, and a band from L.A. called Yearbook Pictures that had a kind of Low thing happening. Slow-ish songs, lots of building crescendos, super-cute girl who sings some. Mostly I spent my time with my good friend Bob Mehr from the Commercial Appeal in Memphis, playing out a scenario in which Jay Farrar from Uncle Tupelo/Son Volt joined the Wu-Tang Clan after ODB died and imagining a East Coast/West Coast-style feud between Farrar and Jeff Tweedy. So, still extremely productive. Lots more planned for tonight (see the comments of SXSW: Day 1 for more). And Friday looks to be extremely busy.

In semi-related news: Getting around in this town has gone from mildly frustrating to nigh on impossible. I may never make it home. Tell my family I love them.