SXSW: Day 1

Meant to do this last night/early this morning, but I got tired and fell asleep, so back off. Where was I? Oh, pretty good first day — except for the fact that Wednesdays are now as crowded as Saturdays used to be five or six years ago. But, you know, no big deal. Could be worse. First band I saw was the band I wanted to see the most down here: Wavves. They played at Emo’s. It was good — though live you notice that the drummer could stand to learn a second beat — but I felt a little jet-lagged, even though I drove down. Took a few hours to get back up and running, and after a stop at this place (I’ll make a separate post later), it got going again.

Oh, no — is that the time? Okay, I’ll just list the bands I saw and some brief commentary: Ladyhawke (sort of a Kiwi cross between Fleetwood Mac and Blondie, but better than that sounds), the Temper Trap (like Smokey Robinson fronting one of the subjects of Michael Azerrad’s This Band Could be Your Life), former Husker Du drummer Grant Hart playing solo (delivered exactly what you’d expect; I expected solid), the Decemberists (should have skipped this — kind of a snoozer, at least the part I saw), the Gay Blades (like Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, for better or worse, with Judas Priest/Iron Maiden screeches thrown in), and finally, Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head (a bunch of kids from Seattle with synthesizers, a ton of enthusiasm, and a few good songs). So not bad. I realize I kind of glossed over pretty much everything. I’ll wrap up everything much better when it’s all said and done. Probably.


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7 responses to “SXSW: Day 1”

  1. Blake says:

    Should have skipped the NPR showcase and gone to the 4AD one. M. Ward, Dept. of Eagles, Camera Obscura, etc.

    That said, I appreciate the posts. Keep it up.

  2. Don in Austin says:

    Welcome to town. Enjoy.

  3. Gwyon says:

    Decemberists a snoozer? You should have seen that coming.

  4. Duane says:

    If you want to see some Dallas boys rock SXSW, check out Roy G and the Biv. They played “The Lounge on Elm” last night and were AMAZING. Not bad for their first show ever in Dallas. Their schedule is on the site…

  5. J Montenegro says:

    Decemberists are good on an iPod. That style of music doesn’t translate well to the stage though.

  6. what other acts are on your sched for the week? We’re using some of your recs/reviews to try to catch the good acts while they pass through big/little D.

  7. Zac Crain says:

    @ Blake: Tried to go to the 4AD thing. That was my first choice. Line was crazy long. So I had to call an audible.

    @ Gwyon and J Montenegro You’re right.

    @ Old Man River: Tonight, I want to see No Age and Handsome Furs, the Thermals, maybe Wavves again, Mt. St. Helen’s Vietnam Band, and maybe Beach House and Pete & the Pirates. We’ll see what I make it to. Friday/Saturday, not sure. Another post coming tonight/tomorrow morning.