Savannah College Isn’t Coming to Dallas, For Now

A FrontBurnervian reminded me of my bloggerly duties to follow up on stuff I post, and I’m glad she did. I wrote that the Savannah College of Art and Design might announce its Dallas location by the fall of 2008. A quick phone call to a source at the college today revealed that after the economy started to turn south, the college people put the plans on ice. Just figured I’d add a little bit more sunshine to your day. You’re welcome.


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8 responses to “Savannah College Isn’t Coming to Dallas, For Now”

  1. Grammar Police says:

    Thanks, Tristan.

  2. smarty says:

    Life is too short to come and live in Dallas.

  3. Emily says:

    on ice forever? or just indefinitely until a foreseeable *rebound*

  4. lakewoodhobo says:

    Terribly disappointing. SCAD is exactly what the West End needs right now.

  5. Brian Barnaud says:

    or deep ellum for that matter

  6. Kellyn says:

    Bum. Mer. SCAD is amazing. The restoration work they’ve done in Savannah is incredible. It gave me hope to know that SCAD could come to Dallas and revive Downtown/Deep Ellum. Luckily, ice thaws.

  7. Mike says:

    Great, more expensive private schools that offer mostly programs without sold employment options. El Centro has a strong culinary program for less than 1/10th the cost of the Art Institute or that new chain off 635.

  8. Kellyn says:

    SCAD is considered one of the best design schools in the nation, Mike – up there with Rhode Island School of Design. To have that in Dallas would be a major coup. Yeah, it is expensive but having something like SCAD in Dallas would bolster the work that Dallas is already doing in the arts and would mean more $$ poured into the Dallas economy … if times weren’t tough.