Pics From Last Night’s AFI Gig

First, you’ll want to start with Councilwoman Angela Hunt’s Flickr page. The councilwoman was eager last night to meet Spider Monkey. And meet her she did. The other pic you’ll enjoy is the one of Big Bob Wilonsky and Zac Crain trying to give Councilwoman Hunt cancer. Next, you’ll want to jump to see the woman last night who wore the see-through dress.

(from left) 1. Glenn Hunter was in his element, working the the red carpet line. 2. AFI co-chair Steve Stodghill looked like he buys his suits the same place Mayor Leppert does. 3. Suddenly there were whispers: “He’s here. Adrien Brody’s here.” I turned to see him walking through the mall and just barely was able to get this blurry pic. His nose is as charming in person as it is onscreen. 4. You can’t see who these people are, so you’ll have to trust me. It’s Rinko Kikuchi, Adrien Brody, director Rian Johnson. 5. The after party was in Center Park. The grass was really wet. The Stella was really cold. 6. Entertainment included a woman in spandex Hula Hooping. 7. Why does this photo of Big Bob Wilonky and Eric look like a remake of the movie Twins? 8. Councilwoman Angela Hunt and Zac had a 15-minute conversation about Scrabble. I’m not kidding. 9. Entertainment also included this woman in the see-through dress. She pulled it off. I mean — oh, you know what I mean. 10. Eric and noted local literary agent David Hale Smith are trying to establish a new fashion trend: sloppy pocket squares. Which, now that I think about it, is a good name for my band.


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12 responses to “Pics From Last Night’s AFI Gig”

  1. RayRay says:

    I think you all are doing a nice job covering AFI. That’s your niche.

    However, I have to comment on the quality of Tim’s photos again.

    When I commented on the poor-quality snapshots from Team Impact ( and said Tim should really invest in a better-than-2-megapixels digital camera, Troll Doll told me to lighten up. At the time, Troll Doll said that I should understand that you weren’t planning to do a story and therefore took pictures with what you had, an iPhone.

    But Tim’s smart enough to know that this AFI event would be photo-worthy, right? So, Troll Doll, what excuse do you want to use for Tim this time?

    Does it really matter? No. Can we still see what’s going on? Sure. But maybe the staff could all chip in $20 each to invest in a $200 digital camera that you all could share for these big events. Just create a sign-out sheet and make your staffers leave a priceless possession as collateral. Your readers will thank you.

  2. Holly says:

    Big Bob and Eric are a stunning couple.
    Gregg Asher and David Martin need to step up.

  3. I’d like it known that I wasn’t hugging my old friend Eric so much as I was fending off an an assault.

  4. DM says:

    Eric has such beautiful blue eyes

  5. Stump's Agent says:

    Zac looks really good. Like the new hair do.

  6. Tim Rogers says:

    @ RayRay: As soon as you find me a $200 digital camera that I can Twitter with, I’ll buy it. All those photos came from my Twitter feed.

  7. harpo says:


    Troll Doll is no longer using a nom de guerre. In fact, she started posting again yesterday under her real name. Guess who?

  8. Blake says:


    I agree with you……

    when you said: “Does it really matter? No.”

  9. mm says:

    Dang, RayRay, could you go ahead and publish a list of the D staffers who have wronged you, and get it over with?

    Otherwise, why would you torture yourself so?

  10. RayRay says:

    @mm: There’s a partial list here:

  11. Jean says:

    I’m impressed that RayRay is connected enough somewhere that Tim is more afraid not to lick him tenderly just under the head than he is to delete his posts for off-topic impertinence.

  12. RayRay says: