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NPR Blows Whistle on Bob Perry After Mansfield Couple Loses $800k Award

By Kristiana Heap |

NPR’s most recent Weekend Edition featured a story about Bob and Jane Cull, a couple from Mansfield tangled in litigation with Bob Perry of Houston-based Perry Homes (the politically minded among you probably recognize Perry as one of the top donors for Republican causes–Swift Boat Veterans For Truth, among other things). The Culls claim Perry built them a shoddy home that couldn’t pass inspection, and several years ago the couple won $800,000 in damages. Perry was ordered to retake ownership of the house. In an appeal last year, the Texas Supreme Court sided with Perry and the Culls lost their $800,000 award. Here’s the issue NPR brought to light: Perry has donated more than $21 million to Republican candidates over the last three years, nine of whom are on the Texas Supreme Court. Read it here.